Date: 21st April 2018 at 3:25pm
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The maths is very simple and it always was; if Aberdeen take points today and on Friday night, or Sevco manages even a draw tomorrow, then next weekend Celtic can clinch the league title at home, by beating the floundering, hapless, Ibrox basket case club.

Today, at Easter Road, we blew the chance to wrap it up in the first week after the split, and we were dreadful and there’s no other word for it.

But that was the predictable part.

As I’m tired of having to write, our form is schizophrenic at best this season.

We were certain to drop something in the last five games, and having lost this one it pains me to point out that having failed to win four in a row this season in the league the chances are good we’ll drop points in at least one of the others. In fact, I’d bet on it.

Today we basically decided to turn up and try and stroll about against a team that is fighting for its SPL standing and was willing to do everything our players weren’t. Congratulations to Neil Lennon and Hibs for an outstanding performance. They deserved the win. It puts them third. The fight for those three spots under us is underway, and it’s fearsome.

Hardly any player got pass marks, and the manager would have questions to answer about his substitutions if we weren’t so far out in front. The decision to do a like for like striker swap was something that he ought to be asked to explain. The decision to take off Forrest for Roberts was too late in the day … it should have been done at half time. And when Hibs were playing so well in the middle of the park that even Brown was losing the ball in 50/50 challenges the wisdom of taking off Ntcham for a winger will need making clear, especially when I have no idea where Sinclair played as we went to three at the back and pushed Kieran forward.

That’s for another article.

But when we’ve been so poor for much of the domestic season you really have to take off your hat and applaud the geniuses at the SPFL who have, by their utter incompetence and lack of a vision, as well as their lack of balls in not scheduling the obvious game first, created precisely the scenario they were allegedly desperate to avoid.

“It can’t happen, it won’t be allowed to happen, it must not happen …” all that shite that was being talked just a fortnight ago, it’s now been revealed for the complete pish it always was. Because here we are, it looks like it will happen, it was all too predictable that it would happen, and if either Aberdeen or Sevco take a point this weekend there is damn all that a living soul can do to stop it, and if it hadn’t taken a defeat to put us here I would honestly be laughing my ass off right now at the people we had to listen to talking such guff.

Our governing bodies are a joke. Scottish football might well get the showpiece match that our fans wanted after all … and it will be hyped like Hell and it will be turned into a do-or-die fixture for both teams (it won’t be, as we’re all well aware) and the media will try to milk it for all it was worth. Even today’s result will be used to “give Sevco hope” … forlorn though it will be.

But nobody will be kidding anyone, and nobody will be kidded on. Those running Scottish football did not want this and they have not planned for it. They are arrogant and they are stupid and the end result is going to be a fixture they did everything they could to avoid except the one thing that would have worked; playing it last, which they couldn’t do because only one thing is worse than seeing us win the title against Sevco and that’s getting the trophy against them.

Like I said, if it hadn’t taken a defeat to do it I’d be laughing right now.

Why do I suspect that later on in the week I’ll once again find my sense of humour?

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