Alex McLeish Appears To Have Accused Us Of Cheating. He Needs To Explain That.

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I know our press are generally witless idiots, but when Alex McLeish was speaking last night at the Player of the Year and started talking all his drivel about Scottish football “needing a strong Sevco” I wonder; how many of them were pished at the bar? Because aside from trotting out the same old tired nonsense, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to truth and fact, he also said something that he needs to be asked to explain, and fast.

He started speaking about the state his favourite club is in.

“In terms of where they should be, we know where that is and for everybody concerned with (them) it’s not enough. Like Jack Ross said, you need good players. Sevco have got some but they need more to compete with Celtic.”

And then he said this:

“It is not a level playing field at the moment. I’m sure that will improve with a better Sevco team. Also the whole of Scottish will improve with a better Sevco team.”

If the words didn’t jump out at you I’m surprised.

Let me highlight.

It’s not a level playing field at the moment.

A simple case of misspeaking? Then that’s all he has to say. But he has to say it because otherwise I want to know what he’s referring to. I want to know what he’s accusing us of. If he needs a lesson in this stuff I’m happy to offer it to him; a level playing field is exactly what we have. A situation wherein each club starts from zero, and stands or falls according to its own abilities and potential. A system where each team is treated the same way by the authorities.

It is the basis of all competitive sport.

McLeish should know the difference. He presided over an un-level playing field, one where his club was engaged in systematic and he admits this freely and that his success there was due to that fact. I do not believe he did misspeak, but I would be happy for him to “clarify” his remarks anyway, and should be publicly demanding that he does.

That’s the national coach, hinting that Scottish is a rigged game.

If he is too not to know the meaning of the words that come out of his mouth, then perhaps he’s in the wrong job. If he’s saying them knowingly then he is accusing of us something and I want to know exactly what it is and how he believes it should be remedied.

Otherwise this idiot owes us an apology.

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