An Ex-Ibrox Player Thinks A Back To Back Treble Would Be Bad For Scottish Football. Of Course He Does.

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Do ex-Ibrox footballers and their media lackies ever get tired of the nonsense that comes out of their mouths when Celtic is on the verge of something special?

This time it’s the turn of Steven Thompson who says that if Celtic win back-to-back trebles that it will have a negative impact on Scottish football because other fans will find it boring.

This is the arrogance of Sevconia writ large; as if the fans of every other club in Scotland are just desperate to see Sevco put their name on some real silverware; the thought appals most supporters elsewhere. They know what the Ibrox club has been up to over the years, they know that it’s run by a crook, that it’s supported by fans who are amongst the worst in the country. They understand clearly what a duopoly would mean to them.

Nobody in Scottish football outside of Ibrox, or who doesn’t have that club close to their heart, wants to see Sevco win a thing.

The idea that the whole of the game is crying out for their brand of a challenge is ludicrous nonsense believed in only by halfwits, and Thompson certainly qualifies as one. This isn’t the first time he’s talked this kind of garbage.

And of course he’s not alone in talking it; this is just the latest avenue down which to attack Celtic and we’ve heard it all before, from the idea that our unbeaten run was an embarrassment to the idea that our long spell of dominance will turn fans off.

It hasn’t.

It won’t.

The blind spot these people have is that they seem to think Celtic and Sevco swapping titles would somehow be preferable to the fans of Aberdeen and Hibs and others than Celtic winning them relentlessly year after year. Those fans don’t give a toss.

Sevco’s lack of success burns these people; what burns them more is the realisation that Scottish football is not waiting on them with baited breath. A battle for second place will always be preferable to supporters than a craven surrender of the top stops and a struggle to finish third. What gals Thompson and others isn’t that Celtic is powering out in front but it’s that nobody in Scottish football but them cares about the lack of a challenge.

Fans of other clubs like Sevco right where they are; scrambling in the dirt, a shambles, a club that can be caught for that second spot. A club that might even belong in the lower half of the top six. Fans elsewhere don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I think they enjoy it like we do.

I understand why Thompson might not like that idea very much, but he can always cling to that other straw they do, that it’s all about “hating Rangers.” It’s hard to hate something that’s been dead for six years. They don’t like being reminded of that either.

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