Another Big Vacancy Opens Up In England, But Brendan Has Already Spiked The Media’s Guns.

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Oh it must suck to be part of the Scottish media right now. Kieran Tierney put the blockers on all the Manchester United stories last week, just before we took on Sevco. Leigh Griffiths is getting ready to sign on the dotted line and stay here long term. Scott Bain committed just this week, and brought to an end stories about he might reject a Parkhead move. And now Brendan Rodgers has told the press what should already know; he’s going nowhere either.

And what do you know; just one day after Brendan puts all the nonsense about his own immediate to bed, Arsenal announce that ’ll have a vacancy at the end of the season. Cue a lot of fearsome scrambling in the Scottish press rooms … but the guns have already been spiked and they know it.

The stories are already coming out, but deserve to be laughed at.

The lead-off hitter, of course, is The Daily Record, who have the tale that Brendan is one of the favourites. With who you might ask? The bookies; who list just about everybody at some time or another. The story is a piece of sheer nonsense, of course, as you might imagine. It’s one of those that’s so reeking there’s no name on it.

Because honestly, this has to gall them. would have had stories all ready to go in anticipation of a moment like this and yesterday Brendan pulled the rug out from under them. Doubtless, they will still push idiots like Andy Walker into the foreground so he can impart his “wisdom” to us, but that wisdom won’t be grounded in a single fact.

And what are the facts here? Brendan is not just a guy doing a job he enjoys and wants to see through; he’s a who knows the monumental importance of the next few years. He may not have put it in the language I’m about to, but he’ll realise it.

Sevco is wholly obsessed with stopping us winning ten in a row. I highlighted this yesterday in the Fergus piece and pointed out that the closer we are to it the more that place across the city will disintegrate. Hit eight, and the nerves will be stretched taut like violin strings and just as capable of getting a tune. Win nine and that place will meltdown. Get the ten and you watch how big the eruption is. We can put this lot away in the next three years.

And our manager knows that a place in the books is the least of it; he could be a Celtic icon if he manages this. He could be viewed as one of the totemic figures in our history. He won’t get that trying to keep Arsenal in the top four … and he knows it.

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