Date: 16th April 2018 at 3:39pm
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Are you sitting down? I hope so.

The nuttiest Sevco website on the planet has made a quite unhinged allegation today; that there is a Celtic-minded element inside their club, undermining everything, actively working against the board and the manager and the fans. They allege that there are players at the club who support ours and that their last two managers have been “Celtic minded.”

They offer not one shred of proof for this barking conspiracy theory. Instead the article reeks of madness, the sort we associate with Ibrox Noise.

Partake of this opening paragraph, which believe me is only the writer warming up.

“There is a worrying trend at Ibrox these days, and it isn’t what you think. While the quality of the team and calibre of manager isn’t at the level we expect from our Ibrox finest, something else deeply concerning has started to emerge within the bowels of the club and it needs rooted out; Celtic.”

Remember that a seemingly rational human being wrote this; I say that because although that is quite simply the work of a loony the writer has to be able to maintain a veneer of sanity, otherwise he’d be in no position to publish such nonsense online.

Check out the next bit;

“From an Auchenhowie youth player (who will remain unnamed) actively supporting Celtic yesterday and making it public, to the fact the last two managers have been Celtic minded, we at Ibrox Noise are deeply concerned that far too much influence is being had on the club by those who are more inclined towards the Celtic way than the Rangers one.”

I mean … where do you even start?

This part is a serious call-out to the men in white coats.

“The stink deep in the corridors of Govan is becoming a real problem, and the board is doing a pathetic job of finding men who are worthy of the positions that matter at Ibrox. Caixinha as we know vaunted his ‘Celtic Brothers’ a few years ago, while Murty was ‘proud’ to get Celtic for his testimonial and his whole father’s side of the family are Celtic. And frankly we’re sick of all this.”

The article goes on to extol the virtues of Neil McCann, Judas, Kenny McDowell and others of a Celtic persuasion who have worked at Ibrox over the years … the complete inverse of the point the writer is trying to make. Don’t expect consistency from this eejit.

Instead focus on this glue-sniffer ending … quite simply beyond bat-shit.

“But these days much of the fare coming in or being appointed is considerably below average, and if we’re going to have rubbish, we might as well have Bluenose rubbish than filling our rafters with mediocre men who have more in common with the East End than Govan. Enough is enough. And the board really needs to vet better.”

Unbelievable, right? If we’re going to have crap players they might as well be Ranjurs Minded crap players! And the board “vetting” better … you mean better than a criminal as chairman? Vetting for Celtic mindedness … Jesus wept.

And this lot wonder why they can’t progress as a club. This is what they think constitutes a serious examination of their failings. This is the solution they propose. I wonder why it wasn’t included as part of their notorious Ten Point Plan of last week.

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