Lucky At Ibrox? Tomorrow We’ll Show You Lucky, Ferguson, You Brainless Halfwit.

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Have you read the shit Barry Ferguson was spouting just the other day?

In his column, he maintained that Celtic were “lucky” at Ibrox, that we scraped a win we did not deserve.

He also hits back at Brendan for “reacting strongly” to the article.

Funny, because I don’t remember that at all. I remember Brendan slapping him down somewhat in the aftermath of the game where Motherwell went a against us and still managed to snatch a point, but that aside I don’t recall him having that much to say about Ferguson.

So first up, Barry, you’re deluding yourself to think our manager even cared.

As to the general point of the piece … absolute balls.

Lucky? Lucky? You have to be a right biased little scrote to even think that.

Lets review that game – with sense not sevcosense.

An individual error led to their first goal, not good play, not dynamic movement, a mistake.

Fact. Simple.

Then when we showed up we played them off the park, our quality came through and we equalised.

Their second again has luck; it bounces behind KT or he would have cleared it, and there is also a deflection on its way past Scott Bain.

Once again we started to play and a great long pass from Brown was launched and it was followed up by a great finish by Dembele.

One of Sevco’s own fan sites has analysed that pass and concluded that it was quite brilliant.

Brilliant. Not lucky.

The second half speaks itself in the “luck” we had, better manager, better players. Simple.

But this is indicative of how these people think, it simply cannot be that we are better, it’s all luck, of course.

It has nothing to with our being run better or able to afford better players and management … nope, all luck.

That view was being echoed again today by Michael Stewart.

How much evidence do these people need to see before they conclude that we’re just a bigger, better, club?

That is why they will never catch us.

What this little thug Ferguson needs to be wary of is this; he talks about “not trying to be controversial” but he far from firing up the Ibrox players, he risks firing ours up even more and they don’t need any further motivation. They are on the brink of history. They are going to silence the cheers of those at Ibrox who were so delighted at the draw. Now they have the added spur of hearing from media sources and people at Ibrox how “lucky” they were last time.

My own anger at this is palpable, and I am sure you all will share that anger.

Think what the Celtic players and management must have been thinking that tripe.

Brendan’s team-talk is done him.

Ferguson never was the brightest, but has he become stupider since stopping playing.

Has the Buckfast started to rot his few braincells?

In trying to gee up the team he supports he has screwed it up.

I see Celtic utterly destroying this mob tomorrow, and the final part of the fuel has come from him.

Bring it on! Bring it on!

It’s fair to say that David Campbell needs no extra motivation tomorrow’s game … 

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