Michael Stewart Says We Won At Ibrox Because Sevco “Took Their Foot Off The Pedal.” Shocking.

Image for Michael Stewart Says We Won At Ibrox Because Sevco “Took Their Foot Off The Pedal.” Shocking.

Michael Stewart; for God’s sake, what’s he on?

I like this guy, usually. He talks a lot of sense. He is without bitterness that inflicts many of the other BBC sports team and he is vastly preferable to the likes of Andy Walker and Stephen Craigan, both of whom make me want to TV.

But today, at half time in clash between Motherwell and Aberdeen – where Motherwell have just taken a 3-0 lead and has again been exposed as a fraud – he came away with a comment that really took piss. He’s let himself down here.

Celtic won at Ibrox because in the “ebb and flow of game” the home side “took their foot of the pedal.” Oh really? Was that before or after we came back twice from a goal down? Was it before or after we lost Simunovic? Was it before or after the substitution that changed the match and led to Odsonne Edouard scoring the third goal?

Celtic were not brilliant at Ibrox, but we fought and we rallied and we worked hard and we deserved win. I can understand bitter wishing to cast doubts on that result – indeed Gary and Chris Jack have tipped Sevco to win tomorrow based on the idea that we got lucky, that the result was some kind of fluke – but I cannot believe that any sober, serious, sensible neutral believes such a thing.

Where is the credit we are due for that display? Where is the credit the manager is due? We were at Ibrox, in a hostile atmosphere, playing much of the second half with ten men, and we came away not even with the minor triumph of a draw but with a win.

Other teams would be getting all the kudos for that; instead we’ve heard, endlessly, about how unlucky Sevco were.

It’s garbage, all of it. We won and we deserved the win.

This is why our players will be so focused and quietly confident going into this game tomorrow; too many people believe that everything we’ve achieved was down to luck. They continually overestimate themselves and underestimate us.

It’s a lethal combination, but I never expected someone like Michael Stewart to drink the Kool Aid with the dreck like Jack, Ralston, Walker and the rest.

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