Scott Brown Is The Player Of The Year. But He’s Owed Greater Respect Than Just An Award.

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The award nominees came out today and as per usual there is some Sevconite wailing and gnashing of teeth because none of their third-rate losers are in the senior running. Morelos, ludicrously, made the Young Player awards although nobody sane realistically believes that he ought to it.

In the senior ranks, it’s Brown, McGinn, Forrest and Boyd. Don’t even get me started on that. It’s a joke. If he wins we’ve elevated farce to an art form. The is Scott Brown and that is clear and that is virtually without dispute.

The media and some people at other clubs might not want to vote for him, but those who don’t are operating out of bias. I expect their number to be small and because I do I expect him to win, and easily. Sevconite gurning ought not to it.

But it ought not to stop with his award. This is the season where people have said he is a player the rest of the game “needs protection from”, where his loyalty to his country has been called into question, where hacks have said he is past it and where cretins without a tenth of his medals or accomplishments have questioned whether he ever had it in the first place.

When he steps up to take that award those people owe Scott Brown an apology. For one night he will be at the centre of Scottish and this game ought to honour him and commend him as he deserves, no matter how some of them feel about it. He is an professional, and a wonderful Celtic captain but he’s also a role model and a patriotic Scot. He could have gone to England at any time and has graced our league with his presence instead because he loves our club and because he values the game up here.

It is time the game valued Scott Brown. The award will be the affirmation of his talents but his contribution has been greater than one award can measure and on the night of that award every person in that room should give him the ovation, the thanks and the respect that his career has earned for him. He is a Scottish great.

It is time Scottish acknowledged it.

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