Sevco Fans Brand Their Club “Gutless” After They Refuse To Talk To The Media.

Image for Sevco Fans Brand Their Club “Gutless” After They Refuse To Talk To The Media.

Following a bad result – and today was not a bad result Sevco; seven or eight would have been a bad result – a club’s is supposed to come out and talk to the press. In the aftermath of today’s mauling at Celtic Park Sevco has decided that they will breach SPFL regulations and not put up for interviews.

I don’t know who this moment of petulance was supposed to impress, but clearly there’s something they don’t want the world to hear.

Murty would have spoken to the media. I have no doubt of it.

What he would have said is what’s interesting.

One suspects that he is furious about the way he was over the last few weeks and I wonder if that factored into this decision. It has Traynor and his pathetic PR team written all over it … the not to make available to the hacks was clearly not one the made alone.

Sevco fans are furious about the decision, though. It treats them with utter contempt. As usual, Traynor and his pit-bulls have completely misjudged the mood in their own stands. The fury on their forums is at boiling point. I suspect Murty will be clearing out his desk immediately, and that’s the news their supporters are going to hear next … but it’s appalling the way that club goes about its at the current time.

The least fans expect after a like that is for someone to come out and apologise and attempt to explain it. Not that it requires much explaining; the gulf between the two has never been more apparent. The gulf in class off the pitch looks greater still.

The SPFL will certainly have to take action against them for this. It’ll be a slap on the wrist, sure, but such unprofessionalism can’t go unanswered.

The Sevco fans certainly aren’t happy about it.

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