Sevco’s Sickest Fan Site Throws A Disgusting Allegation At Brendan Rodgers.

Image for Sevco’s Sickest Fan Site Throws A Disgusting Allegation At Brendan Rodgers.

Sevco’s barmiest fan site, our old favourites at Ibrox Noise, has thrown a disgusting, dangerous and utterly unhinged allegation at Brendan Rodgers today; honestly, it has to be read to be believed. I am not going to paraphrase it, I am going to quote it exactly as it is written.

“Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has indirectly encouraged violence in Scottish society by staggeringly endorsing a repeat of the scenario of 1999’s Old Firm shame game where Rangers won the title at Parkhead before the home crowd lost the plot.”

These people are very lucky that Brendan is not litigious, and that they are not worth suing even if he was. That paragraph is deplorable. What makes it just as bad as it then quotes Brendan, word for word, in which he plainly acknowledges the events of that game and expresses his view that Scotland and Scottish society is more grown up and has moved on.

Some of us anyway. I understand a website that wallows in and promotes hate not being able to see that. The tone of this article is typical of the site itself; vicious, incoherent, offensive, grotesque in the way it twists words and meaning and appeals to the lowest common denominator. It is an atrocious piece with no redeeming merits at all.

Brendan Rodgers has a been a calming influence on Scottish football. He maintained good relations with all three Sevco bosses he’s bested; it was Sevco fan sites which radiated fury that he considered Warburton and Murty, in particular, to be friends and treated them accordingly. He has spoken movingly about his background and his abhorrence of sectarianism. For this site to accuse him of “indirectly encouraging violence” is despicable.

The writer then goes on to offer this gem.

“In reality, this must never be allowed to happen again – and to encourage events which caused it to be repeated, Rodgers has demonstrated an incredible disregard for common sense and indeed human life in the name of pointscoring and bragging.”

There are no words I can offer which can enhance how rancid that paragraph is. Imagine the depths of hatred it takes to write such a statement when even the person doing it must know that it has, at best, not even a fleeting relationship with reality or truth. That is just peddling conspiracy theory and hate for the sake of it.

Does it come naturally? To some of them, yes it clearly does.

Their internet sites are buzzing with venom about his suggestion; part of it is, of course, running scared and we know they’d want this game if the shoe was on the other foot, but another part of it entirely is a reveal of how deranged the Peepul truly are.

The Daily Record Hotline has outdone itself again in blaming Celtic fans for the fact this game won’t happen … how rich is that coming from the support which wallows in hate week in, week out, who’s fans marched in fascist black, arms raised in a Nazi salute, the creators of Smash A Feni@n Week … lecturing the rest of us?

Honest to God, there is something sick in that support, something that doesn’t even have a name. Sectarianism, bigotry, racism … these are just words and none of them do justice to the appalling level to which these Peepul have sunk in their own minds. They are warped. They are dangerous. But their sickness, their depravity, is no reason for the rest of Scottish society to hide under the bed. Play the game in spite of them. Play it in opposition to them.

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