Sevco’s Statement About Hibs Was Absolutely Deranged. They Are Not A Normal Football Club.

Image for Sevco’s Statement About Hibs Was Absolutely Deranged. They Are Not A Normal Football Club.

Tell me something; do the Peepul just have a commitment to acting like complete yahoos or what? They are the most unprofessional club in world football, they really are. The statement they released last night was absolutely scandalous. It was threatening and paranoid. The tone of it was so self-entitled that it was astonishing.

How do they think the world sees them?

There are people who believe Scottish football needs this club. This club is run by people who are absolutely disconnected from reality. It doesn’t matter if this started out as an act of appeasement to their barmiest fans, there is little doubt that the club culture is now steeped in victimhood and self-pity. It’s real now. It is no longer a put-on.

It is pathetic. Those who run the club ought to be mortified by some of what goes out in their names and it is impossible not to conclude that their own reputations are being damaged with every single one of these releases. Do they care about that? Not enough if you ask me, not as much as they should. I cannot repeat this enough times; no other club acts this way. No other club responds to the slightest perceived slight like a mafia don ordering a hit.

That club is run by a notorious criminal, so it is perhaps only fitting that it is run like a crime family. With the way it conducts its financial affairs, all smoke and mirrors, I am not surprised that they behave as if it were a boiler room they were running and not a football club.

In America, mob organisations are smashed using the RICO act … to get someone according to it all the government has to do is prove they are members of a “continuing criminal enterprise.”

Sevco most certainly acts like one. How much longer is the rest of Scottish football going to pretend this is okay? That it’s normal? Nothing about Sevco is normal.

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