Date: 16th April 2018 at 3:00pm
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Erm, was there a game yesterday?

One team was on the pitch, Celtic were there. No one else.

Seriously WTF?

How one-sided was that?

I didn’t think we would lose and after the shit about luck and how the gap is getting smaller, I knew we would be up for, proving how good and how much better we are.

But to be so utterly dominant and win in that manner and by that scoreline, without actually getting out of 3rd gear, was a beautiful surprise.

I will come to Sevco and their mess later but lets discuss us first.

We turned those Peepul over twice 5-1 last year; this was streets and streets ahead of those displays.

Tom Rogic again; that boy simply oozes class.

Dembele; turns up against them every time. He’s a big game player. That penalty … it was sheer class.

McGregor; a seriously underrated player. He scores, creates, runs, works his socks off.

Gordon; my choice would have been Bain … but in Brendan I trust and the big man had two saves from headers, which were world class, especially the first one.

I will come to the Morelos save later.

We could even afford Boyata usual mistakes.

Ntcham stroked the ball about and moved about superbly, and he took his penalty very well.

Which brings me to Scott Brown, and what else can we say about our captain?

All these Sevco players that have been “up to his challenge” Barton, Dorrans, McCrorie … not even in Broony’s back pocket.

He has left them in his wardrobe at home.

He is getting better and better with every game.

Running the games, taking on all comers, even when the wee Colombian ned tried to have a go.

And Brendan – spot on again – every decision.

Class. Simple.

Motherwell will give us a better game, but history beckons.

It will be spun about how Sevco were poor, and they were (nearly there about that), but we didn’t allow them to be any better, we are better, we are stronger, we are bigger, we are CELTIC.

It must now be clear to every Sevco supporter that the club that bought their name and masquerades in their jersey bears no resemblance to Rangers.

Sevco are a disgrace to football.

We know their spin and intimidation towards authority and media has been rampant, as Rangers was too.

However they hold this delusion that they are our rivals, they are not, not one footballer who wore that Sevco jersey yesterday should ever refer to themselves as footballers again. Anyone can accept a lack of ability but to not try, not fight, not care is unforgivable.

I have friends who are Sevco fans, although they call them Rangers, I feel sorry for them today.

They did not deserve that.

We all know they read this blog, and guys I mean it.

Now I have had a look at their forums.

Rather than say that we are simply better, the attitude is that there are still not enough “Ranjurs Men” in the team.

Ibrox Noise states that for the first time in years they had four Dorrans, Docherty, Halliday, Murphy.

Now what they are missing, and as James has pointed out, being “Ranjurs” doesn’t make you a good player.

Now we all know what being “Ranjurs minded” really is; attending Orange walks and being a sectarian bully with a sense of entitlement.

There is an idea on those forums that we are successful cos its all “feni@ns” in the team; well Dembele isnt, Ntcham isnt, apparently Broony was one of them, so was Gordon, Lustig is Swedish … I could go on. We don’t care about that nonsense and never have; we take anyone and they become Celtic because of who and what we are.

We accept that life moves on and these guys may or may not stay with us but they will always be part of the Celtic Family.

A mentality like this is why they are dying.

And this time they wont come back.

You take guys like Morelos, who is a bang average player, and they’ve made him out to be a world beater valued at £11m.

It’s all about trying to start a bidding war so they can stay in business.

Who gonna pay anything for a striker who cannot score from 5 yards TWICE?

The second one is a shot hit at a goalkeeper who is on his arse!

You have their criminal chairman slaughtering a manager, who was a lamb to the slaughter from day one … that was a disgrace and was part of the reason the two players felt they could disrespect their boss in front of millions of people.

These actions from the criminal down have jeopardised Sevco’s entire future. This is bigger than whether they will finish 3rd, never mind 2nd.

If Murty stays till end of season he cannot play either player again.

If he doesn’t stay then no player cares as its only 6 games and probably Jimmy Nicholl steps in.

And their fans will swallow that because he’s a “Ranjurs man.”

Perhaps the Ibrox plan is to leaves Murty in charge, because if they lose games, as no one has any respect for him, and finish 4th, with even less income than they have budgeted for, and the lights go out finally, its all Murty’s fault then, isn’t it?

The board can then dodge all responsibility for the disaster they’ve presided over.

When that happens they will be getting exactly what they deserve, the same as they did yesterday.

David Campbell is absolutely lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it right now.

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