The Barmy Sevco Website Is Blaming Morelos Poor Form On His Boots.

Image for The Barmy Sevco Website Is Blaming Morelos Poor Form On His Boots.

Just when you think this lot could not get any stupider, along comes an article which takes the bar and sets it lower than you thought was possible. Is Alfredo Morelos’ poor form because he has lost a boot sponsor? Dear God. Are these folk for real?

The guy is a waste of a shirt. He is a lower-league goal-scorer. The illusion that there was something there was easier to sell to one another when he was not being out-scored by Kris Boyd, but since he is that’s no longer tenable. When he’s missed sitters in big games – those he’s even bothered to turn up for – it’s hard to sustain the belief he’s a world beater.

What tickled me is that they are longing for a return of his green boots. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently he plays better in them. I trust I don’t need to spell out the diabolically beautifully symmetry here. These people are off their faces.

Sevco fans have always been a little out there, but this website redefines how crazy they are. Morelos is a two-bob footballer, and I know they get whiplash from realising that. The club is in one Hell of a mess over what they did to this guy during the last window with all that China nonsense. Where’s that new contract he was supposed to sign for a start? Maybe that’s why every time you see him lately he looks like a guy ready to cry his eyes out.

Other players have their sweet new deals … where’s his?

The fact is, Sevco might be full of crackpots but even they knew he wasn’t up to what his agent was demanding, and that a new deal of any magnitude would make him even harder to sell in the summer. The thing is, if he’s spat the dummy and is now in the huff the last thing they want to do is bench him, where his valuation will depreciate even further.

But they are almost all of options with this guy.

He is clearly nowhere near the striker the media has been bumming him up to be, and when a guy so dense he’s given himself a nickname that sounds like a family pet that got too close to the action in an orgy is taking his place in the team, without being all that much better, you really have to think that the mood inside Ibrox has to be pretty dark.

How the Hell are they going to drum up interest in this guy for the summer? It’s no secret that half of their plans depend on selling him for a big fee.

But hey, circulate some videos of him around the clubs and who knows? Don’t forget to edit out the temper tantrums and the glaring misses. Oh and make sure he has his green boots on.

You could not make this stuff up.

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