The Mainstream Media Defaults To Its Usual Role; Helping Sell Season Tickets For Ibrox.

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Alex Rae is an arrogant biased clown.

This isn’t news, we know that.

But his attitude on Snyde is becoming ever more aggresive, especially when it comes to defending and promoting Sevco, and when it is against Celtic.

On Wednesday’s show he openly said that he doesn’t think Scott Brown will win Players Player Of The Year because players vote with who they support.

Let that sink in for a moment … an ex professional footballer player, who played for Rangers, claims that players show bias towards the team they support.

Or against their rivals.

For openers, this is sheer nonsense or no Celtic player would ever win a POTY award … and yet we swept the board last year.

But Rae has articulated the the bias, that for years, Celtic fans have been told only exists in our heads and is a symptom of our paranoia.

Apparently other Peepul harbour the same idea.

On the same show, when a Celtic fan stated that Scott Brown should easily win POTY, this dick Rae says “Ah he wasn’t that good on Helicopter Sunday; I had him in my pocket”; something impossible unless he played for Motherwell that day, which as we know he didn’t.

The comment is ridiculous whatever its context.

Imagine if an ex Celtic player made similar statements? Say Neil Lennon.

Yet this clown can say what he pleases?

When you pay peanuts you get monkeys I suppose. Clyde has a habit of taking the low road with its “analysts.”

But they aren’t alone; it is indicative of a media culture that is biased  against us and weighted, always, with ex Ibrox players promoting whichever club is playing out of their ground.

Snyde’s general attitude towards us is worse than most; bear in mind that Tosh McKinlay was practically forced to resign because Celtic spent £7m on pre season, instead of the £10m he said they would. In the meantime, Johnstone brazenly said he would resign if Brown didn’t end up at Ibrox in the first place and hangs on in there, like a leech on a fat arse, to this day.

A programme that has Derek Johnstone on as an “expert” is suspect. He hasn’t kicked a ball in 30 years and managed for about 12 minutes, yet he has a job for life on that show, in the same way as Gordon Dalzell.

What qualifies these Peepul to talk about modern football, except that they are Sevco mouthpieces?

Which leads me to the “lets ensure Sevco see season tickets” hints on the show from Mark Guidi that there’s a decent chance Steven Gerrard will be new manager, and then threw in that Sevco have had discussions for past two weeks with “preferred choices” and pointed out that Dave King was at Anfield/

Then, when this was questioned by a caller, who pointed out that Gerrard is a well-known Celtic fan, Guidi got all appalled and seemed to completely change tack.

I am sure there will be another piece about that but there are 100 reasons this wont happen … it’s being promoted to sell tickets for this club.

This is why these people are employed on these programmes and in newspapers.

They are there to promote Sevco.

They might as well be working for that club’s fanzines.

David Campbell is sick and tired of a media that exists to promote just one club in Scotland.

I am voting in for to win the category

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