Seriously, how demented and delusional are these ex Rangers players that the hacks have been bringing out, ever since we done Sevco in the last game?

Everyone has a theory on how to beat us.

James wrote about The Herald and The Times hiring Lee McCulloch; his particular genius suggestions for Sunday included playing Kenny Miller and “putting in a call to Walter.”

Jesus wept. The paper is really getting its money’s worth there, eah?

Then it was the turn of fat Ally and his own fantasies; he came up with a list of players to challenge us.

How many players?

Apparently four would do it.

I think maybe it would. If they were the right players; Messi, for one. Plus a manager, plus a £100m influx of cash and a non criminal chairman.

Just to get on a par with us.

But McCoist’s suggestion was quickly taken up by the Record, and that rag then went on to list the four players who Sevco “could” sign that would allow them to challenge us.

And it’s as bad as you might have expected.

Now let’s look at them with real sense rather than Sevcosense :