So has a new CEO. It is, of course, Ian Maxwell from Partick , allegedly the guy we wanted.

The guy Peter Lawwell wanted.

Is that accurate?

Who the Hell knows?

It might be and it might not be. The one thing we do know is that he inherits a shambles, an organisation so inept that it makes the SPFL look professional.

Ian Maxwell has inherited one Hell of a mess.

There are issues piled up on his desk that are a mile high. This guy has to provide some ; sure as Hell none of his predecessors have. The chances are good – very good – that we’re just going to get more of the same, and why not? The have been treated with contempt and some of them are all-too ready to swallow that contempt. I am even talking about some of our own.

Celtic fans have not pushed Celtic enough, and so Celtic has not pushed the SFA enough. The new man at the helm should, in theory, mean a fresh start … so if we’re going to act this is the for it. There will never be a better one.

These are just some of the issues facing Maxwell, and which our club has some responsibility to its for.

It’s time we all got about them.