A Week Of Dire Nonsense In The Media Hasn’t Overshadowed What We Just Achieved.

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In case you missed it,we made history last weekend.

I know. Hard to believe, right? Especially after a week of Dave King smoke and mirrors and petty actions.

But it’s true. We won a Double Treble.

That’s 6 trophies out of 6.

No other team in Scotland, no other manager, has ever achieved it, even when they was cheating going on.

The BBC did not show any highlights of the Scottish Cup final; I have never known that to happen. Only one conclusion can be drawn from that, especially when they were asked for a reason and they did not respond.

All week long, STV has been running the Sevco show.

Celtic got one day of credit.

Sevco would have got 20 page pull-outs in every newspaper and a to boot.

The mainstream media has spent the week trying to forget that Celtic have done this. Instead every story is about how we can be stopped.

Even Stevie Clark was wheeled out to offer a quote about how he SPFL “has” to help stop Celtic winning.

Whatever happened to other teams getting better, for God’s sake?

It reads as if they want us handicapped in the title race next season.

The rest of the coverage, of course, is about what Sevco need to do, which translates to them “needing to spend.” In short, this is about how they need to keep cheating and financially doping to match us in the title race.

And it will be cheating. FFP exist.

If teams break it is cheating.

So the “back of the bus” push goes into overdrive; Celtic won, but let’s not talk about them, they don’t count.

Instead lets pour honey on Steven Gerrard, the new messiah, and run nonsense stories about how they are after top class players.

But let’s not discuss how they can afford them.

(An easy story to ignore, it has to be said, since they can’t.)

We will still go about things professionally and we will be stronger and better next season.

And our season kicks off in a few weeks as we are in the Champions League.

Even if the rest of the will embarrass the country again, we are determined not to.

It is partly what drives us on; we know how many of don’t want us to succeed. said it himself when he pointed out that the SFA didn’t even water the pitch at half time in the final. None of it stops us. It feeds our desire, it feeds the team and the management into driving up standards and making us the only game in town.

A Treble Treble isn’t out of the question.

It will be exceptionally difficult as it means going a 3rd season without losing a cup tie.

But it is a possibility.

You cannot count out anything under this manager we’ve got.

Enjoy this, it is a great time to be a Celtic fan.

Eat, Sleep, Treble, Repeat! Ad infinitum.

David Campbell is a blogger from Glasgow, and he’s spent the week looking for positive Celtic coverage in the press … 

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