Date: 17th May 2018 at 4:32pm
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According to Ibrox Noise – yes them – Sevco is considering the “nuclear option” in its battle with the SFA over the European license issue in 2011. And what is the nuclear option? Taking the matter out-with football, and to the courts themselves.

Ibrox Noise is all for this because one of the things they believe would happen is that the SFA would be sanctioned by UEFA with the end result that every Scottish club would be banned from competing in Europe.

They quite like this idea, for obvious reasons.

With their own club floundering to get a license you can imagine who would suffer most.

The thing is, these delusional idiots haven’t thought this through and if their club is taking soundings to that effect they haven’t considered it either.

The threat is as empty as a the Ibrox piggy bank.

There’s a reason the brinkmanship theory of nuclear deterrence was called MAD.

But this would not be Mutually Assured Destruction … it would be suicide.

This is Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles, holding a gun to his own head and threatening to pull the trigger.

I guess that’s easier to do when you have pigshit for brains in the first place …

Yes, UEFA would threaten to sanction the SFA and Scottish football if Sevco were stupid enough to take this matter outside of the sport … but they would only issue that threat to force the SFA to impose even harsher sanctions on the Ibrox club. Every Scottish club has to sign up to the SFA charter on this very matter. It’s also part of the charters of UEFA and FIFA. Any club which decides to pursue legal avenues outside of football is violating those rules.

The case which set the benchmark for this is Sion’s, in which we were a primary beneficiary. When they were excluded from the Europa League for fielding what UEFA had deemed to be ineligible players FIFA got involved and actually appealed a civil court’s decision. And won. The whole matter was removed from the civil court’s hands and given over to the Court of Arbitration who upheld the primacy of UEFA and FIFA’ and their actions.

But the matter wasn’t finished. Because UEFA and FIFA both threatened to heavily sanction Swiss football if they didn’t instigate their own disciplinary procedures against Sion for actually trying to have the matter settled by a civil court in the first place.

And what was the result?

The Swiss FA had no option but to open a new case against Sion, and at FIFA and UEFA’s urging it was a pretty serious one.

The consequence?

Sion were deducted 38 points in the league … which put them bottom at that time.

Sion finished the season in 9th.

So I say to Sevco and their lunatic fan sites … give it your best shot.

UEFA and FIFA will bring down the heavy hand, but it won’t be Scottish football who suffers for such an act of reckless egotism. The SFA will have no option but to hand down one of the severest punishments ever levelled at a club. If they don’t, and decide to accept a ban for its clubs and national team I would anticipate several legal actions raised against them – within football – to a level that would bankrupt them.

And Celtic’s would only be one name on the lawyer’s letter.

But look on the bright side, in the event of the inevitable hammering for your being so stupid, your conspiracy theories will ascend to a whole new level … the Grand European Football Scam … orchestrated, of course, by the fabled Unseen Hand.

Absolute muppets.