Date: 16th May 2018 at 9:46am
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The enemy within!

The cry of the Sevconuts.

Craig Whyte was one; he caused the problems.

Why should they be punished for his actions?

Charles Green was one; he was at fault too, not the club, not the fans.

Taken together, it was Green and Whyte – oooooohhhhhh spooky! Proof of something nefarious.

Proof of the Unseen Hand.

Then it was big Mike Ashley; he was working on the inside to bring them down.

Even though his team had them almost breaking even.

Managers are suspect.

Warburton was one because he clearly liked Brendan Rodgers and they had some minor history together.

Pedro was one. There was even a video of him congratulating Celtic for winning the title one year. And he liked green. Except when it was on his own players’ boots. He was the one who decided to slap a supremacist slogan on their walls. But that was just fluff for the fans … his heart belonged to us. Or so they’d have you believe.

Besides; Portuguese equals Catholic.

And don’t even get them started on Graeme Murty; his dad is a Tim, he cuddled Brendan after a game. He didn’t go in front of the media and spit all that “We are the Peepul” nonsense. He clearly had no place at a club so steeped in … culture?

Players have got it in the neck.

Enemies within because they have mates at other clubs. Enemies within because they turned out not to be quite so good as they hype machine maintained.

It’s funny how no such conspiracy theories swirl around their saviour, the King of Glib Land.

He is not an enemy at all, is he?

Well, lets review this for a second.

He promised to bankroll Project Become Rangers but he has spent almost none of his own money. He has the club in debt up to its eyeballs. He is only now promoting a share-issue and looking for outside investors because he has been forced to by the Takeover Panel.

He has fallen out with all of the directors.

Then he appoints the Celtic brother from Portugal.

Then he appoints an under 21 coach, who’s family has Celtic connections.

Then he appoints an ex player as manager with no managerial experience, who also has Celtic connections and whose mentor is the Celtic manager.

He got rid of Ashley, on paper at least, but we know Sports Direct will be Sevco’s retail outlet … so Ashley’s influence is still inside the walls.

Now if  I were so inclined to believe in conspiracies … I’d be looking at Dodgy Dave.

He has said he’s a lifelong Rangers fan.

But in a separate interview, he claimed his dad wouldn’t let him follow football.

He is a a well known Liverpool supporter … he admits that freely in any number of media outlets.

So what’s his actual agenda at Ibrox?

What’s he actually doing there?

Except creating chaos. Manufacturing crises. Destabilising everything.

Annoying sponsors. Sacking managers. Squandering money. Picking fights. Defying regulators.

If you didn’t know better you’d wonder if the Unseen Hand was working from South Africa.

These are the sorts of things I would be looking at, if I were a Sevconut (perish the thought), and looking for enemies within.

I’d be looking straight at the Lying King himself.

Now some of the Sevconuts may not be able to bring themselves to do this.

He has his hand at the tiller after all and if they call him out he may chose to sink the ship and scurry away back across the sea.

Now I am sure you ask, is this a wind up?

Are you just trying to stir the pot and wind up these poor souls?

Well yes, partly! Of course I am.

However when you think about it, if there is an enemy within Sevco … who’s a better candidate than he is?

Dave Campbell is intrigued by the Sevco fans inability to see what’s perfectly clear to the rest of us …