Date: 18th May 2018 at 11:03am
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Are we in the Sevco/Dave King endgame?

To consider you have to think what that might be.

Since King took control, in fact even before that, he has shown all hallmarks of a man who doesn’t care about consequences. He is a control freak who spits the dummy and engages in drastic, and occasionally reckless, action if he does not get his own way.

He spits the dummy and takes everyone and everything down with him.

Remember, this guy claims he lost £20 million at the previous club and that must have irked him.

Consider his ego and sense of superiority; now even if he got most or all of that back (as the rumours say), Dave King does not put £20 million in anywhere unless its for profit.

When he took control of Sevco he demanded that the fans give it to him or we would win ten in a row; when the club, he claims he loves was almost breaking even he then took them back into debt.

Now when you are dishonest and/or unscrupulous and you know how to, you can make money from loss making companies.

David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green all did it.

Mike Ashley has also done it elsewhere when he has owned companies.

Its easier to hide what you are doing in those circumstances, and especially when you are no longer a Stock Exchange listed company.

King was very insistent on that at the start.

And he knows all of these tricks, of course he does.

So consider what this egotistical, superior feeling, arrogant, clever man might want.

He wants his money back and to add on as much as he can.

He can’t tell the stakeholders (other directors, fans) what he is up to, so he distracts them with fluff and candy.

Knowing that the wolves are at the door, I wonder if his end-game is to dump his shares before the rest of the board. Before whatever consequences might be coming with the UEFA license. Before the issues relating to the 2011 case unravel and the club faces the consequences.

Is he waiting for the correct time to push the button? Does he think it’s perhaps when part of the finance for next year – such as European football – is taken away due to previous infractions of the rules and at a time when the costs are climbing to their highest level at Ibrox since Rangers were there?

Was he waiting for such as when a high profile, expensive managerial name/team to take up office?

(Did anyone actually question why Gerrard’s “official start date” is 1 June?)

Does King thing he can actually bump up the price of his own shares, and thereby get a better parachute, with all this talk floating around, but not confirmed, that money “must have been promised” for pie in the sky names?

That way when the button is pushed he jumps when everyone else is looking the other way?

A conspiracy theory?

Yes, of course it is.

But is it also, possibly, the blueprint for for Dodgy Dave King’s Endgame?

David Campbell is a blogger from Glasgow with an interesting theory on Dodgy Dave King …