Date: 17th May 2018 at 7:30pm
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We are constantly asked why we discuss Sevco and how they are reported.

Well, for all the Sevconuts that read this blog here is the perfect example;

Please read, and if you are still confused feel free to get in touch and ask me to explain further.

Since Steven Gerrard has been announced as Sevco’s next lamb to the slaughter we have had silly season on who they “might sign”

Even sillier than usual.

Rooney, Lucas, Skrtl, Defoe, Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff … blah..blah..blah.

every single player wants to play for Steven “Pep Guardiola” Gerrard, don’t they?

Now any team would want to sign these players, nobody has an issue with that … but you have to question if your team CAN sign these players; is it realistic or is it not?

Just because your the boss played with a player at some point does not mean it is realistic for your club to sign them.

Now am sure the Sevconuts are already spitting “ah you are just scared” …  we are not, but you have to be told, as the MSM have their tongues so far up James Traynor’s behind that they will print whatever they are told.

Two major points point out the disparity in how Sevco are reported and how all other clubs, including, Celtic, are.

First is finance.

Some in the MSM will not discuss how Sevco can pay for this level of footballer, its all about promotion of the Ibrox club.

Who knows what Sevco’s weekly wage bill is, but if you add two of the people mentioned you are then touching £300k a week – approx £15m a year … before ANY other bills are paid.

Now I know the Sevco mantra is “don’t pay any bills you don’t have to” but it doesn’t work long term, it cant.

So the financial question is valid.

It’s just that the hacks never ask it.

Celtic are cash rich, have access to overdrafts (actual overdrafts) and finance that could secure us any of these players; we have been linked with Yaya Toure.

If we made a move for him though, almost all of the MSM would say “No, he wont’t come, he’s too expensive, better and bigger will want him …”

And they would probably be right.

Yet Sevco, the poor relations up here, can get all of these other players?

It is further evidence of how Sevco are promoted in the MSM.

Second is the state of the Sevco, outwith finance.

Regardless of their fame as players, this is an completely unknown management team in terms of experience.

That is a fact, it cannot be ignored, if you ignore it you are a moron.

Why would players at that stage of their career risk the hassle?

Why would they trust to a name, instead of to achievement and experience in the dugout?

These guys have reps of their own.

They have egos of their own.

Perhaps they wonder how a guy like Gerrard got a job at an alleged “top club” in the first place?

Factor in the other nonsense going around Ibrox just now, the possibility of no European licence, the fact that they have publicly denied the Survival Lie, after previous criminal activities of youth coaches? Factor in the shirt fiasco James wrote about tonight. This is a club in a state of chaos.

Surely even the stupidest of Sevco fans must question these things?

But of course they don’t.

These people are terminally thick.

Dave Campbell is a Celtic blogger from Glasgow who’s had enough of the media’s nonsensical reporting this week. (And there are weeks more of it to go.)