Sevco Has Been Backed Into A Corner. We Can Finish Them, But We Must Be Wary Too.

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Yesterday, Matthew Marr published a piece that I thought was just spot on.

We have to be on ball going forward and we need to fix what’s not right.

This is partly because other teams will get better, but above all we have to beware of Sevco circus and their friends.

They obsessed with us and with stopping ten in a row.

Who knows what they’ll be willing to do to halt it?

Everything. Anything.

They might even risk survival of their club … and it looks like they are.

And, as with any snake that is dying, we have to be careful to stay away from its venomous fangs.

We have to guard against things that can still go wrong.

We’ve seen it before, but crucially there is a difference though, this time.

In the past you wouldn’t have bet on Celtic to strengthen from a position of superiority. This time I really do think it will be done.

How can I be so sure?

I am sure because the people who run the club and the football management know this kind of dual opportunity may not come again and they want it. They want to make this kind of history, and to hammer a nail into the coffin of the club across town.

Boy, do they.

The same old tricks that were used in the past will and being used already; look at the reports about how Sevco are buying this and bidding for that and how strong they are, how their manager can attract the best players in the world … the old Celtic would have bowed to that pressure and allowed us either to fall behind or to panic.

There would have been quibbling over small amounts of and letting go.

There would have been complacency, perhaps even arrogance.

This won’t happen here, not with this board.

And certainly not with Brendan at the helm.

While we must be wary of not falling into a false sense of security, we also need to be aware that no club in Scotland is on our level.

Our team needs tweaking. It doesn’t need the radical surgery that others do.

The press can generate all the white noise they want. They can try to spook fans into believing that all our players leaving again this summer. Some might, those who are in their last year of deals and who might think they can better their situations elsewhere.

The bulk of the squad will stay, and Brendan will already know who he wants to enhance it.

Our squad must be settled, but our first eleven should be hard to get into.

Incredibly, our season ends this weekend but starts again in around four weeks.

It’s virtually no time at all. And we need fresh players for that.

So just keep in mind, regardless of what our enemies say, we not in the bad position some might think.

It’s the club across town that is in mess, that is in fact dying.

But the dying beast can still bite … in fact, it’s at its most dangerous when its on its back and facing death.

We strong enough to finish them … but we’ll have to take care nonetheless.

David Campbell is excited by the prospect that Sevco may well be on its last legs here … 

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