Date: 13th May 2018 at 4:16pm
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What kind of person decides to show-boat and mock rival fans after his team has won for the first time at an opposition ground in 26 appearances? A classless one. And Shay Logan didn’t need to demonstrate his lack of certain qualities today, but he did anyway.

In the end, his side has finished second in the table and were lucky to do that. They did not make a cup final far less win a trophy. So today Logan decided to celebrate mediocrity. He decided that it was smart to show off when his team had barely scraped into the number two spot after a dire season. Talk about a hollow triumph.

He has previous for this. It’s not that long ago that we went to Pittodrie and won 3-1 with Logan spending most of the game facing our supporters rather than the ball. On one of the few occasions when he was looking in the right direction he managed to smash one off the back of Leigh Griffiths’ head in an effort to draw a reaction. Earlier this season, as Brown was on the turf after a vicious tackle which had resulted in one of Logan’s team-mates being sent off, he booted the ball at our captain, who’s reaction has become famous.

Logan is a deplorable little runt. A typical nobody trying to be a somebody.

There are Aberdeen fans who still believe we hate this guy because of the Alexander Tonev incident. By God, our club ate no small amount of opprobrium over that one. Because we heard our player out and believed him. The verdict in that case was proof that the SFA disciplinary system is like a bad joke; with no evidence but the two players’ statements our winger was found guilty of one of the grossest offences in the game, something he’d never been accused of before and hasn’t been accused of since. Something about that still reeks to high heaven.

But people make mistakes and if Tonev didn’t do it that doesn’t necessarily mean that Logan was making it up. On a day when the crowd is roaring loudly and there’s a lot going on out on the pitch it must be difficult to hear something said in a moment. Mistakes happen and I have always believed that Logan made one.

Celtic fans don’t hold that against him. What we do hold against him is a long list of wind-ups and vicious tackles and snide wee moments like the Griffiths one and the Brown one. He can use whatever excuse he likes and he can accuse the Celtic fans of singling him out; a player who constantly baits us as he does is doing himself no favours.

His behaviour at the end of the game was so perfectly in keeping with his previous behaviour. It came as no surprise. There must be days when Logan wakes up glad for the Tonev controversy; it made his name with their supporters. Before it few Celtic fans knew nor cared that he existed and he has been hiding behind it ever since. When the chips are down, though, Logan is poison. He is one of those players who opponents and rival fans come to detest. He niggles and bitches and moans and acts out.

He engages in ridiculous shows of triumphalism like today, which would embarrass a more experienced, and more successful player.

He once said he loves it at Aberdeen because “the fans treat (him) like Beckham.”

It daresay they do.

They have lived with mediocrity so long they’ve actually come to value it.

Mediocre is all Shay Logan is … and the reason he gets so excitable at the sight of a Celtic shirt is that he knows it himself.

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