Today We Collected The Trophy With A Poor Ending To A League Season That Was Underwhelming.

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Today we lost our proud domestic unbeaten home record.

Today we ended a domestic league campaign which, frankly, was nowhere near good enough.

We played nineteen home matches in the league – and these are the matches people pay big money to watch – and dropped points in seven of them. Statistically speaking, that’s even worse than our failure to win four games in a row.

People can talk all they want about it being a meaningless game; tell that to the 50,000 plus fans who were in the ground, some of them travelling from far afield to watch that dross. Today, in front of a full house, half our took the afternoon off.

And Andy Walker and others on Sky saying we wouldn’t be too bothered as it deprived Sevco of second place … since when do we give a monkey’s about that? This is our own team, playing in the final home game of the season. Not one person in our support gives a toss who finishes second. Second is nothing. The extra £500,000 isn’t going to enable Aberdeen to catch us any more than it would have rebuilt Sevco’s team.

We should have put Aberdeen to the sword today. If that was an act of charity I’m even less impressed by it. You either make it or you don’t and if they had failed to take second spot then hard lines, but it would have been because their manager is inept.

Brendan was not particularly happy. Standing on the pitch after the match, it was the first thing he highlighted; that we’ve lost today. You would not believe that some of these players were playing cup final places next week.

And part of the problem is that some of them aren’t; they know they’ll be in the team. That, perhaps, is what needs to change.

It is our worst domestic league season, on points, since 2012.

This needs a shake. Players will go in the summer, and others will come in. I’ve said that we should fight to keep the core of this team together and we should. In fact, we must. But it’s better that some people are moving on. This feels stale.

Next weekend we have our most important game of the domestic season. Oddly enough, I expect us to win it in some style. Our players turn up the games they think matter; it’s high time they recognised that days like today matter too.

Honestly, I am glad this league season is over.

I wanted to write a positive article the end of it, but instead I have to write this.

Not what I was hoping at all.

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