With No Trace Of Irony Ibrox Noise Turns On Lennon And Their “Celtic Minded Managers.”

Image for With No Trace Of Irony Ibrox Noise Turns On Lennon And Their “Celtic Minded Managers.”

Ibrox Noise.

Two words that generate more snorting than a room full of coked up City types.

It might well be the most unintentionally hilarious website on the planet. It certainly has far and away the stupidest writers. Even they seem like titans of intellect compared to the average poster on there. It is no surprise to read their latest nonsense.

Let me explain why I am so cheered by their tone tonight. They have spent the last few days talking about Neil Lennon as if his opinions were pure gold, and that’s because Lennon said some nice things about their managerial target Steven Gerrard.

They’ve also used Lennon as the poster boy for what they hope Gerrard will be.

Reading some of it, including an article this week that called him Mr Lennon – I kid you not – you could have been forgiven for thinking that all the bile they’ve pumped his way over the last couple of years had happened on a different site.

But lo and behold, and thank God for it, because it was starting to really screw with my perceptions of reality, tonight the venom and fury and hate are turned back up to full and Lennon is an idiot who should keep his opinions to himself and a man who never has a word to say with which they would agree. These are demented Peepul, alright.

Their fury is, of course, because of Lennon’s comments on Graeme Murty. You will not believe how poisonous this article is unless I share extracts of it. So let me give you one.

“Neil Lennon today made a predictably anti-Sevco comment to follow on from Brendan Rodgers. The ex-Celtic manager called Sevco’s treatment of ex-manager Graeme Murty ‘unpalatable’. He joined in with a bunch of Scottish football slagging (us) off over their handling of Murty, to follow on from Scottish football slagging (us) off over their handling of Pedro Caixinha. However, there was next to no outcry with regards Mark Warburton when he left in similar circumstances. The difference? Murty and Pedro are Celtic men, Warburton was at best a neutral.”

Can you believe this lot? Feast your eyes on the next bit.

“It’s been almost hilarious seeing (us) absolutely condemned by all and sundry in our game with regards the departures of our last two Celtic-minded managers … It seems if you are aligned in any way with Celtic Park, you get an easy ride with the Scottish media – and the Scottish game. They will back you, defend you, and castigate the club regardless of the truth of events.”

Aligned with Celtic Park. This is old Unseen Hand pish again, this idea that their club was undermined by “enemies within.”

And this is the same website that is overblown with its praise for Steven Gerrard.

Boy oh boy they are in for a shock there.

You would struggle to find such a sterling example of cognitive dissonance, of doublethink, anywhere else in football, or indeed the wider world.

Read the vicious way the article ends; “ Lennon’s support sums up exactly whose side Murty’s bread is buttered on. There are rumours Murty may return to the Academy. Personally we’d find that unpalatable.”

I mean, if you wanted a greater example of what makes Brendan and Neil Lennon fine human beings and why this diseased lot don’t deserve a good manager, good times or even the smallest success you would struggle to do better.

I could write ten thousand words on why they are a basket case club, mired in scandal and drowning in hate … but their own words convey that so much better than I do.

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