With Their Screaming Of Conspiracy Sevco Fans Sound Pathetically Unhinged.

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David Campbell wrote about this yesterday, in an excellent piece. He nailed it. Which is why I feel kind of like a fifth wheel in going over it again, but I feel justified in doing it, because clearly it needs it. It needs us because we’re one day forward and it’s already boring me. It’s already become ridiculous. Brendan even had to deny this, which means someone in the media brought it up to him. The whole suggestion is absolutely deranged.

Those who scream “Dunfermline” at me can stow that nonsense. I’m not even discussing that except to say that the people who have constantly poked and prodded us over that can’t use it as a shield to hide behind now that they have caught screaming paranoia.

Ask them for a reason. Ask them why we would have allowed Aberdeen to defeat us and see what they say. They will say it’s because we hate them. It’s pish. It is ridiculous. In case it had slipped the sixty second attention span of the average Sevconut, let me remind them that there is literally nothing that Celtic could have done in the past six years that would have damaged their club more than what their club did to itself.

There’s no need for us to sabotage them … we leave that to the professionals, those inside the walls of Ibrox itself. I mean, to offer just one instance, had Hibs kept a foot on their throat instead of letting them back into the game on Sunday the whole issue of what happened at Celtic Park would have been moot anyway. Sevco is a rank rotten team.

We, the bloggers, might keep a close eye on them and Celtic might be concerned with how the rules and regulations are being followed, but that aside nobody inside Celtic Park cares a damn.

Just what the Hell do we care who finishes second?

It’s half a million quid to one team or another; that kind of money is pocket change at Parkhead. What do we care where certain teams start in the Europa League qualifiers? Should Sevco even make it there – license issues permitting – my guess is that it won’t even take a halfway decent team to put them out on their backsides and whenever folk inside Celtic have considered it – for about ten seconds maybe – my guess is that they’re well aware of that fact.

We allegedly lay down to Hibs so that we could win the title at home; I can see why they think that. Hibs pushed us hard, whereas we handed Sevco a vicious beating that could have come right out of a Joe Pesci movie. That came down to nothing more than that one of those teams had quality and character and the other flapped every time we went up the park, like a fish caught on a line. We’ve done it to them with a regularity that is frankly hilarious.

I was furious after yesterday’s performance. To blow our home record, against a team led by Derek McInnes, on the day we picked up the trophy? Brendan was no happier at full time when he actually referenced the fact we’d lost the at the very moment he stood on the pitch, microphone in hand, with the trophy in front of him. Had Aberdeen’s keeper not made several crucial saves nobody would be having this discussion.

It is unhinged. It is demented. It is embarrassing. One Sevco website – and we know which one – wrote an entire article about it. And they call us obsessed? They seem awfully concerned with our mindset, our way of thinking. It hasn’t dawned on them that if their team had been up to snuff at Pittodrie in midweek, or if they’d won just one more game at any point in the campaign that all such talk would have been irrelevant anyway.

They used to say it was Celtic who were always cheated, never defeated. The difference is, we have all the evidence which proved that for years the cheating was going on. We ticked the three boxes of means, motive and opportunity. Nobody disputes that the EBT years happened. Nobody questions that certain people knew more than they’ll admit.

Sevco fans have none of that today. They only have a barmy, lunatic assertion that conveniently absolves their own club from blame and excuses their own role in being so deficient in giving their club effective scrutiny that it allowed people like Caixinha and Murty to be there in the first place. And they’re making the same mistake all over again.

But hey, those two were just part of another conspiracy – the “enemies within” one. They’re trying to ignore that Gerrard was Celtic minded too, but only as long as they can cling to the fantasy that he and his war-chest will make everything right. It’s all too easy to predict what’ll happen when the wheels come off the bus.

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