Ally McCoist’s Commentary Isn’t A World Cup Highlight. It’s A National Embarrassment.

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Today I read, in utter incredulity, one national newspaper report Ally McCoist’s commentary as one of “the highlights” of the World Cup so far. It isn’t. McCoist is a floundering relic of a by-gone age in the game here, one we’re all glad to see the back of.

He is a failure as a manager to such a degree that not even lower-league clubs will touch him.

That he’s being proposed as some kind of Scottish expert on is a national embarrassment. There are literally dozens of knowledgeable ex-pros out there, some with managerial experience and some not, but all of them more intelligent and insightful and one hundred times more credible than Sevco’s former cheeky chappie, who by the end of his tenure there was a gurning, sneering, arrogant yahoo playing ever to the lowest common denominator.

Is he relatable? Yes. People have been saying that about him years, but then some people have also told that he is funny and listening to him always makes me think about nails scraped down a blackboard.

Is he listenable? Yes, some people.

But this guy commentating on the biggest competition in the world is ridiculous. The manager who couldn’t a Petrofac Cup in four efforts with a football that was 50 times that of his closest competitor in the competition, he’s now the go-to-guy insight on the tactics and set-ups of the best managers in the game?

I don’t think so, no.

It’s bad enough listening to this guy do Scottish BT Sport, but this is taking the piss. When he tries to offer a critique of other bosses I want to laugh out loud, because to me it’s hilarious that he thinks he should be doing that.

Ally McCoist has exactly nothing to teach other managers, or even fans.

He couldn’t even convince the board at St Mirren to give him an interview.

That’s how little he’s rated where it counts.

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