Brendan To Leicester? Please Hacks, Tell Me, Surely This Isn’t All You’ve Got?

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Oh man, the bottom of the barrel has been reached, scraped and the detritus slapped on the back pages.

We’re at risk, it seems, of losing Brendan Rodgers – the man who said he would have turned down overtures from Arsenal not that long ago, remember – to Leicester City.

Yes, the same club who secured the unlikeliest league title ever and then sacked the manager who did it within 10 months. His replacement didn’t last long either and they then appointed Claude Puel; now player-power, which did for Ranieri, looks set to do the same to him.

I find it delicious that Leicester is floundering after what they did to the Italian. It may have been the single greatest act of ingratitude in the history of football. So it didn’t work out for them, eah? Aww well, that just breaks my heart that does.

The idea that Brendan Rodgers would go there, from Celtic … file it under either Wishful Thinking from the Leicester board, the sort that proves they really are delusional, or Made Up Pish from the hacks. Either way, there’s about as much likelihood of it happening as there is of me walking on the moon. All of this would be ridiculous even without one obvious fact being readily apparent to anyone with open eyes; there’s no vacancy at Leicester yet.

What’s the matter with the media today? Is this it, then? Is this the best they’ve got for us? A story like this? Have they run out of Sevco signing stories to make up? I find that hard to believe, I find it hard to believe we’ve reached Peak Nonsense yet on that score although a certain cold reality is setting in amongst a lot of them and Sevco fans in general.

Disappointed, I have to say. Especially as other media outlets have clearly been reading the Celtic blogs again and are pinching their news from them.

Isn’t it funny how a couple of us were talking about Stuart Armstrong yesterday and have today found him the subject of another newspaper’s back page – and them claiming an exclusive? Slow news day? You better believe it, but that’s just ridiculous, right?

Desperate stuff. I expect better from them (not really).

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