Date: 12th June 2018 at 8:09pm
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Earlier on today, the E-Tims diary mentioned that The Daily Record had used a particularly loathsome expression in an article yesterday whilst profiling Sevco’s latest unknown target. Referring to his African background, the writer used the expression “the dark continent” to describe the region.

It was a scandalous line.

Tonight Phil reported on it, and on how The Record has removed the offending words from the article itself. As usual the Bampots have been on the ball, and both sites are to be commended for their bringing it to wider attention.

As they both point out the phrase has deep racist connotations and Phil, in particular, knows his ground on that subject.

No anti-racism charity has yet condemned the newspaper for the use of that term, which is odd considering that some of them are quick enough to highlight other incidents. Based on the way the Peepul can make them jump I’d have thought they’d have spotted this one and been on top of it.

Perhaps they will be tomorrow.

Here’s my question for the night; The Daily Record spent the last week making demands of the SPFL and the SFA over alleged indiscretions. They highlighted comments – jokey comments – that Gary Hughes made in an interview a decade ago as a reason for removing him from his seat on the SFA executive, and to the best that I can discern they went after Malcolm McLennan for no reason at all other than that he’s an Irish Celtic supporter.

Since they enjoy holding people to a higher moral standard and have no problem demanding people step down from high profile roles because of silly remarks they’ve made I’m moved to wonder if they intend on disciplining the writer of the piece?

I hope they don’t go too far, but that’s because I’m not a complete lunatic, but it’s a glaring example of casual racism and based on the last seven days I’m not convinced that the people who run that newspaper are as level-headed and forgiving as I am.