Date: 13th June 2018 at 1:11pm
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Another day, another Celtic transfer story with no basis in reality.

And it’s not like real things are not actually happening.

It’s just that the media is being kept well away from the story as we conduct our transfer business in private, below the radar.

That bothers them, and it bothers some of our fans as well because they wonder if we’re ever going to get our fingers out. Hey, the people who run our club don’t take many holidays but they are entitled to them and this is their summer too.

Brendan has been spending some quality time with the family and the players have been off doing likewise. They will be back for pre-season next week, and on top of that the Edouard deal needs to be tied up in days … things will be going on behind the scenes, but nobody will exactly be rushing.

Yes there are deadlines that have to be met; one of them comes in about eight days time when the first registration period for the Champions League qualifiers comes up. But we’ll have signings in place before then, because, as I said, Edouard at least has to be bought within the next few days.

In the meantime, we’re going to have to read nonsense.

There was some of it the other day too, in relation to Kouassi Eboue.

For the record, Brendan Rodgers thinks this kid will be the lynchpin of the midfield in years to come; if he goes on out loan he’ll be coming back, and contrary to what the media reports yesterday suggested it’s Celtic who wants him to go out and play. He has never, at any time, asked to leave.

This is where patience and fortitude comes in.

Today’s false story is that we missed out on a Newcastle defender most of us have never heard of and there’s no proof that the club was ever interested in to begin with. There’s an argument for saying that our club does this to itself; if we had genuine news for the hacks to report they wouldn’t be able to run garbage.

Except it’s not true.

Garbage is their stock in trade.

When they have no anti-Celtic story they are not beneath making something up.

So it is here, but in due course we’ll give them something real to write.