Date: 9th June 2018 at 1:29pm
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I don’t mean to come across as arrogant but I know I am quite intelligent. not only in my academic achievements but in working life.

And in my general life, I have a good level of common sense.

I know how the world works, I see things, I may not always like them, but life is about being able to deal with bullshit from others.

But when you are proved right it still gives you that sense of…… “Yes!) (fist pump).

A while back I wrote a piece about how Sevco, club and fans, along with the despicable and corrupt MSM were trying to manufacture a crisis at Celtic Park. You may or may not recall, it doesn’t really matter; it’s there, in the archives.

They have tried and tried and tried.

When Sevco were born, they were already looking for dirt.

We got the whole “Oh but Celtic used EBT’S … ” which we did. Once. And then our club chairman, Brian Quinn, a former Bank of England governor, took one look at them and decided they were morally and legally questionable. He terminated the scheme at once.

Now think for a minute about the pressure we were under to keep pace with Rangers at the time. Here, there seemed to be a scheme which would allow us to pay players more money. Other clubs would have leapt at it, questionable or not.

But Celtic decided not to.

Then Ronny was in charge and they tried to talk down anything he achieved. We got the “anything less than treble is failure” spiel. It went so far that some hacks were telling us that “even if you are cheated in a cup semi final and then down to ten men you should win.”

On top of it, and think about this for a minute, we had a North of Ireland parliamentarian reporting Celtic to the European Union (which they don’t even want to be part of) saying we got “government assistance” and they were obliged to investigate under State Aid legislations. Our non UK largest shareholder was then door-stopped by the national broadcaster because he was mentioned in the hilariously inconveniently named “Paradise Papers”.

There have been investigations into land deals, into purchase agreements, even the phantom “hidden debts in the accounts” stories.

All of it failed. Because all of it was nonsense.

But we all knew that Sevco and the MSM were itching for something that would stick even in the smallest manner. They seem to think they have managed it now.

But of course, they haven’t. Not really.

Gary Hughes, who the Daily Record continually refers to as “self-confessed Celtic fan” – where were the references to Campbell Ogilvie or Gordon Smith as “self-confessed Rangers fans” I wonder? – left his post this week, deciding not to run for re-election, as he didn’t want, or need the hassle, and he didn’t want it to overshadow the role.

Ethically, it’s impeccable, it does not mean anything untoward.

Only those who are not ethical will see it otherwise.

Murdoch McLennan, as we all know now was approved by the Premier League teams.

Everything there was equally above board, and that’s a simple fact.

Now, as others have said, this is partly about deflection; there’s the Sevco share issue, City investigations, their 14 year old manager, and the numerous others.

Take your pick, there’s plenty to go round.

But also it’s about the need, from 2012 onwards, to embroil us in controversy and to wrap us up in some kind of perceived scandal. Yes, these things were happening before then too but there has been a massive push towards this kind of thing since Rangers died.

They can’t take it.

They can’t take that we are run impeccably; the finance department, the football department, the marketing department … it all runs like a Swiss Watch. There is no sign of any impending Celtic collapse on the horizon … and that scares them most of all because we cannot, with any certainty, say the same about them.

David Campbell is a Celtic blogger from Glasgow, and he is happy that some people are focused on all the wrong things … as usual.