The Celtic Fans Have Done Their Bit For The Summer. It’s Over To The Board Now.

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How could it be that we’ve sold all of our season tickets before Sevco?

How is that possible?

There’s no massive hype surrounding us, no Steven Gerrard, no promises of moonbeams or big money, no blustering chairman who’s in the papers more than Nigel Farage (and has even less morals). And yet here we are, announcing today that we’re all sold out.

53,000 season tickets. One of the biggest responses in Europe.


Of course we should be, but it means more than just oodles of money in the bank.

Today, The Record is running headlines comparing Sevco’s alleged next signing to Luka Modric. You don’t even have to read the article itself to see that the comparison has nothing to do with their football ability. It’s actually about how Modric went unnoticed in Croatia for a while before being snapped up. I mean, don’t play in the same positions for a start, and Modric is a world class footballer which something tells me this guy isn’t.

This is The Record doing its bit for morale, because Sevco hasn’t sold all its tickets yet, and to enhance it even further raided a village for its idiot and gave him an article in which to talk about how a “black cloud” is hanging over Celtic Park since they brought in the unqualified coach as boss.

It makes you laugh that believe Celtic fans are afraid of this guy, and that we’re not viewing the coming with optimism.

Today there are 53,000 responses to throw back in their faces.

Celtic fans believe in where we’re heading as a club; put simply, they think “the future’s bright, the future’s green and white.”

Hey, we’re the double treble winners.

We’re on course for eight in a row.

Brendan Rodgers is putting the building blocks of his team-building for the in place … what’s not to like?

Celtic Park will be rocking for the next campaign.

It’s a in everything that’s happening at the club right now. Sevco fans are cock-a-hoop over a couple of imminent signings; we’ve spent the same amount of money on improvements to the pitch and to putting in some fancy lights, and whilst there are questions about how they can afford their little spending spree at Celtic all this is eminently affordable and signings are coming too.

It’s this kind of response from the that makes it possible.

Once again, the fans have done their bit … it’s over to the board to do theirs and deliver on the improvements to the playing squad that Brendan requires.

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