This Week We’ll Spend Big Money, But I Doubt We’ll Be Breaking Our Transfer Record.

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So this is the week, then. This is the week when French Eddie will sign or not, and of course everyone believes that he will. He’s in love with Celtic now, and the fans have taken him to him. (Three goals against Murder Inc. FC will do that for a at this club.)

Most importantly, Brendan and his coaches are convinced.

They like what they see.

The deal will be concluded. I’m sure of it.

But as usual there’s sheer nonsense being talked about in terms of the fee.

The Evening Times tonight says it’ll break the club transfer record; in fact, they’ve said he will cost £10 million.

Which he absolutely will not.

Brendan has denied that the fee is as high as £7 million, so as much as I’d enjoy a story that says we’ve made a bit of club history it’s not going to be true, at least not in terms of this particular transfer deal.

This window is important.

With £40 million at stake for League qualification, and the manager making it quite clear he needs reinforcements, the club will do the right thing and support him. But talk about Edouard costing us mega-bucks like this will only confuse and confound when it comes to doing a proper accounting of just how much backing the boss gets.

I’m not trying to suggest it’s Celtic pushing that number, but I can see the in doing it and getting that nice headline. But it’s misleading and we laugh at the for -inflating Sevco signings to make it look as if they’ done more than they have, and there’s a danger in letting the pres do that to us in this case.

The signing is impressive enough without needing anybody to gild the lily.

We’re getting a superb footballer, a French Under 21 international who’s proved he can do it when it matters, and under pressure.

That’s good enough that it needs no added spin.

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