We Didn’t Have To “Rubbish” The Brendan-Leicester Link. It Was Rubbish To Begin With.

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Brendan Rodgers refused to even consider talking to Arsenal just a few months ago. In the aftermath of those stories he gave one of the most straight-talking interviews I’ve ever heard a manager give. It was all about how he loved Celtic. At the end of it, when asked when he could see himself returning to England he stunned the journos with how blunt he was.

“I have three years of my deal remaining. Seven plus three is ten.”

And that shut them up for once, because really there’s no arguing with that is there? He made it clear that he’ll be here for three more years minimum, and then, if he’s happy to go, then he will. But he’ll build a dynasty here before he does.

Apparently, we have “rubbished” the story.

The story was rubbish before we said a word, and everyone knew it.

This is one of those subjects I get tired of, and it’s a tiresome issue, but what makes the whole Leicester story especially infuriating isn’t even that Brendan has said he’s not going anywhere or that the English media thinks he’d even consider Leicester, but that the club in question currently has a manager and the disrespect shown to him in even running this trash is just scandalous.

I understand the media up here likes to stir the soup.

I understand that any story which chips away at Celtic, even a little, is just fine by them. I understand that they don’t care about our club. But they couldn’t be more clear that they consider other clubs and other manager’s collateral damage if it achieves their central objective.

That is disgraceful, and in this case with no prospect of this being a real story I can only conclude they believe loosening the nuts on the wheels of the Celtic bandwagon seemed a worthwhile exercise even if it meant a guy at another club woke up in the morning and read newspaper reports that he’s about to fired.

Hell of a price to pay to give them a one day headline.

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