Yes, Next Season Will See A Stronger Celtic Squad. But Stronger Where?

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Celtic will get stronger in this close season. There is no doubt about that at all. Brendan is said to have earmarked as many as four signings who can step right into the first team. This is encouraging news, as I’m sure you’ll agree. The question is, where will they go?

This article is an attempt to understand that, to sort through the stuff and decide where we need to improve. It goes without saying that if we had the budget to sign multi-million pound players that you could near enough replace every player in the squad with someone better, but within Scottish football and within our budgetary constraints, we need to be realistic.

And within those constraints – indeed, even out-with them – we have a pretty decent first eleven and a healthy substitutes bench. It may not be filled with world class talent (at least two of our players have the potential to reach the top though) but it contains enough real quality as to make improving it on a budget a difficult task.

Nevertheless, it falls to Brendan Rodgers to try this summer, and whilst few would envy him the job it’s an easier one that certain other bosses in the league are facing up to.

It’s best to do these things systematically, so that’s how I’ll approach this task.

Like any good manager should.

Building from the back.

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