The Disgusting Moment A National Newspaper Uses A Month Old Video For Whatabouttery.

Image for The Disgusting Moment A National Newspaper Uses A Month Old Video For Whatabouttery.

You might have seen the headline on the Evening Times website tonight, shrieking about the “Disgusting moment SPITS on Rangers top in sports shop”.

Well it is a disgusting moment alright and the person who did it is someone so removed from normalcy that I their electronic tag was beeping as they did it, like an video chess game someone tries to play draughts on.

The behaviour of the person in that video is beyond inexcusable.

That they uploaded it in the first place shrieks of one of two things; a put up job, or someone who believes you really can improve your IQ by eating lightbulbs. Either way, that person is not worth the attention that the newspaper decided, tonight, to lavish on them.

The report reads thus; “The video, uploaded a month ago, has resurfaced again as both Celtic and Rangers fans come together to blast the man his “disrespectful” act.”

I guess the “re-surfacing” has nothing to do with Sevco fans seeking a deflection from a certain incident at the weekend. I guess it has nothing do with the club wanting to deflect from certain events which culminated in a restriction on their shirt today. And I am guessing that featuring it on a newspapers website will be very helpful in minimising the arguments over it and extremely effective at helping dial down the loathing that pours out of certain forums.

The person who did this belongs to a subspecies of humanity.

Find him, and prosecute him to whatever limit of the law there is.

Nobody is going to defend him or what he did here, it is disgusting and shocking.

Everyone knows that.

Celtic fans amongst the most vocal condemning it. But that matters not one bit to a certain Sevco sect that believes it marks our club down as something evil. They love stuff like this. And so do the papers. There’s no earthly reason why this clip was dragged up again except …

Well, the writer hasn’t put his name to it, so that makes it clickbait.

But that’s not all, because it balances the narrative, doesn’t it?

The writer thinks that the average reader will be largely ignorant of just why this video has “resurfaced.”

It only came to light again this weekend because of the attack on a priest, and it has been doing the rounds on Sevco forums days to create a sort of moral equivalence.

It’s now being used as a sort of “plague on both your houses”, to build a “two sides of the same coin” narrative, to create a shouting match so that the real issue, the bigger issue, the annual festival of bigotry which has marched down our streets too long, can be obscured.

That’s exactly why the story has now been featured in a media outlet, because said media outlet has been harassed into it by pressures and otherwise, and they stupid if they think some don’t know that full well.

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