And The Latest Kieran Tierney News Just In Is …

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There’s nothing new to report.

Just like yesterday.

Just like the day before and the day before that.

“Tierney latest …” some shriek.

And what are they reporting?

Same as before.

The reports themselves are nothing but talk.

Not a single concrete bid has actually been submitted to Celtic. Not one.

And until that changes all of this is cobblers.

“Kieran Tierney bid expected,” scream some of the websites.

American evangelicals are also expecting The Rapture.

I hope they’ll keep us informed as they wait for it.

So here we are, with another day of newspapers and their editors wetting their pants over a complete non-story.

Another day of blogs speculating with them.

The hacks are clearly the worst; now they are wheeling out ex-Celt’s to predict when he’ll finally leave the club. It is scandalous. As I said yesterday, the indecent haste amongst the hacks for one of Scotland’s best players in a generation to up sticks and go is atrocious.

Neil thinks he’s the best Scottish player, at 21, since Charlie Miller.

Charlie Miller. Jesus wept.

I’m not even sure that’s a compliment.

What happened to him again?

Wasn’t his career “highlight” playing for Watford?

Scott McDonald thinks Tierney will be here for maybe another year.

I couldn’t care less what Scott McDonald thinks about Kieran Tierney’s future.

I couldn’t care less what any wannabe newspaper columnist thinks of it.

I care about what Brendan Rodgers thinks and what Kieran himself thinks. That’s it.

The one development in the story is the apparent, sudden, interest of Spurs and the reason for that is blindingly obvious. Kieran is not going to move to Everton. He’s not giving up Champions League football for a move to a mid-table battler.

The alleged interest from Spurs offers him a crack at the biggest stage of all and a table-top fight to boot.

Whilst interest from Everton won’t unsettle him, perhaps interest from London will.

That’s the thinking behind it.

And it’s supposed to worry us.

If you believe any of this, that is. Which obviously I don’t.

I will believe it – or I will start to believe it – when Celtic confirms that a bid has been received and that said bid has been rejected. Which part of “Kieran wants to stay and we don’t have to sell” are people in the boxes missing here?

last night did exactly what I did here; they screamed “Kieran Tierney To Everton: The Latest” and other such nonsense and not one of did the honest thing I did at the start of this piece and said “Latest news? There’s none. No developments to report.”

The can wheel out however many people they can pay fees to who will talk about why Kieran must go for his own good (except none of cares about that) and why it’s inevitable that he will follow the money down south (Brown hasn’t) and some can even try and talk about how Scottish football itself will be better off if Celtic’s manager is armed with a £25 million chunk of change … not that I believe we would spend it on players.

But none of it matters because I repeat not one bid for the player has actually been submitted and I don’t even think the discussion would get as far as talking numbers. A club official would call Celtic Park and ask what our interest in selling Kieran was and be told “none” and that would be the end of the conversation. Case closed.

And since no bid has actually been made there are just two possibilities aren’t there? The first is that someone at Everton is leaking this stuff and trying to unsettle our player – and good luck getting us on the phone if that’s the case – or this is all just media horseshit.

And that is absolutely not new information.

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