Based On Recent Rumours, Kieran Tierney Is Worth More Money Than Sevco’s Starting Eleven.

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One very funny footnote from the Kieran Tierney transfer nonsense; the player is valued at around £25 million, which everyone knows is probably on the low side. At the same time, Sevco awaits an offer of £1.5 million for Windass and has just got one for their “star striker” Morelos.

That offer is worth £2.6 million … and these are two of their best.

We sold Armstrong for three times that sum, something that is irritating the Hell out of the Sevco supporters, who wonder how we did it.

But worse is that English clubs value ’s left back at more than Sevco’s entire starting eleven. Between him and Dembele we could raise the cash to buy it all, including the manager’s contract, the stadium, training ground, fixtures, fittings, cold pies, the lot.

I find that hilarious.

Do you remember when Sevco was starting in the lower leagues? Do you remember the narrative about how they were going to blood their youth, come up through the ranks and have a settled squad and a vast sum in the bank with which to buy the real cream? None of that has come to pass, as we’re all well aware.

After the shambles of McCoist, they were supposed to be a squad of young “saleable assets” under Warburton. It didn’t work. They were supposed to be bringing in players who could be punted for a profit under Caixinha. That’s not worked out so well either; Parma has just taken Alves off the , Herrera is heading out on loan, Pena is a laughable waste of and Candelas is so far out of favour they might let him go on a free.

Morelos is the jewel in the crown, and they paid £1 million for him and are now on the brink of selling him for little more than double it … which would be good business for any club which did things sensibly.

But at Sevco sensible doesn’t apply and they’ve already blown it by inventing and pushing the Chinese bid nonsense from January.

Their fans will go bonkers if they sell Morelos for that kind of cash.

Someone asked me today if I feel that Tierney is a £25 million player. I absolutely do. I was also asked what fee would be hard to turn down and I said that at ten million more there might even be a case for letting him go, if he was willing to move. That kind of money could bootstrap the team for years and one look at the Celtic bench and John Kennedy will serve as a reminder to both parties as to what could happen in the future.

It would be painful to lose such an influential part of the team. It won’t happen, but if it did the pain would be significantly eased by the enormous transfer fee for him. Sevco fans will never get such succour. £2.5 million for their best striker is the best it’s going to get.

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