Date: 27th July 2018 at 5:01pm
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Celtic has released a statement tonight confirming that Sevco will receive a mere 800 tickets for the coming match at Parkhead.

This is not exactly an earth-shattering shock, but it knocks on the head any suggestion that we might adopt a different policy from the Ibrox club, which has made a lot of hay amongst its own supporters of late with nonsense such as this.

Celtic’s statement is typically strong, and makes it clear that they do not agree that this is in the best interests of either club or of Scottish football in general. They have said they will monitor the situation and have asked for talks between the two clubs and the league to resolve what they clearly see as an artificial crisis manufactured at Ibrox.

Celtic is the strongest club in Scottish football, by far.

Our actions here are wholly proportionate, and wholly correct.

The media will attempt to spin this as some kind of retaliation; our policy on this issue has been clear from the start.

We will mirror the behaviour of other clubs.

We will do as they do.

It is the contention of this site that Sevco acted out of spite and in an effort to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst their own fans.

Our club has not acted without consideration for the major issues. Whatever our critics might say about this decision, it has not been taken in haste. Celtic has behaved in a wholly reasonable and responsible manner in relation to this issue. We are not prone to rash, or hysterical, statements on this or any other issue.

There are other issues relating to our club at the moment, and we hope that there is news on those fronts soon – from Scottish football reform to the club’s lack of transfer activity – but this is a positive step.

The club’s announcement is one that should be received well, and every Celtic fan should applaud the sentiments and professionalism evident in the statement.

It is the right move, and for the right reasons.