Now Celtic, Now We’ll Find Out Who’s Side You’re Really On.

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For the last six years, there are a lot of things that have nagged away at a lot of people in our support.

They have been adamant through the whole period that Celtic could have done more about a decade of out of Ibrox and that the Requisitioners (the Res12 guys) were being led a merry dance. They were determined that our club was up to its neck in all what came to pass, including the atrocious Five Way Agreement.

I have never believed any of it, but I’m not close-minded.

Always, my advice to those people was to “watch and wait and let’s see what happens and we’ll find out.” It was always possible that I was wrong, but I didn’t see the logic in their argument but that didn’t mean I wasn’t prepared to accept that a lot of things just didn’t add up.

Well I guess this is the moment we’ve all waited for.

This is when we’ll find out.

Tonight’s news that Sevco has secured a win forcing the SFA to take their case to the one body who can over-rule all others, the one body with the legal to close all the avenues for to us forever, is a shocker because this is the move we should made in the first place.

So what now? Well Celtic can take its own case to CAS, if they have the willingness to do so, and if we file it before Sevco files its case against the SFA then they have to hear us … and that’s the only real way I can see us winning this at this stage.

I’ve been doing this too long to tell you guys lies.

If Sevco’s case gets to CAS and they hear it the chances are very good that they will uphold it and then it’s all over.

Because the Five Way Agreement is in the public domain, as many of us are well aware. None of the parties to it has ever published it, but drafts exist. I’ve got a couple of them myself, and you can find them online with only a little digging. They are out there.

And those early drafts all reference a certain side letter, in which guarantees are, in fact, given to the Ibrox operation that Sevco will not be held liable for anything that the OldCo was for. Now, it’s possible that the final draft excludes those clauses and that side but I do not believe that and I never have. Because the moment the SFA granted Sevco their “temporary license” to play the first game they lost any leverage they had.

If Sevco gets this to CAS I frankly don’t see how that document can be challenged by the governing bodies.

The key here always was to challenge the governing bodies for ever having signed it in the first place.

The challenge was to have that section of the Five Way Agreement completely invalidated because it basically stitches us all up.

And tonight we’re on the brink.

Sevco has told the SFA that it wants the whole issue dropped; in other words, if the SFA is prepared to do that then CAS never needs to hear it. If the SFA accedes to that we have one last shot at getting this matter in front of a body which can deal with it properly, and we better be ready to do it.

Otherwise, it’s game over anyway.

For the SFA to take the issue to CAS – and they’ve agreed that CAS is the only organisation that can hear it – then, perversely, Sevco has to agree … otherwise this issue is in the long grass, which is where Sevco wants it.

That club has just tied the governing body in knots, and probably left no football related solution possible unless someone else challenges it.

And that’s where we are tonight, with Ibrox having checkmated Hampden. We’re the only people who can conceivably move this forward now … and so yes, I think we’re going to get the answer to the only question that really matters here;

“Celtic, who’s side are you really on?”

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