Sevco Is Getting Ready To Sell Morelos For A Fraction Of The Fabled “China Bid”.

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As Celtic prepares to scoop up one of ’s best young players, Sevco is getting ready to punt their own crown jewel after just one season at the club.

Alfredo Morelos was never as good a player as their fans and the media made out, and there was never going to be a pot of gold at the end of his rainbow but nor was it destined to end in the humiliation that is coming their way.

Morelos will probably go in this window. Indeed, if they are to balance the books he will need to. And others will need to follow him out the door. This is why the media tried, briefly, to drum up some interest in Windass last week … and nobody bit.

The player they were talking about asking £5 million for was suddenly found to have a £3 million clause in his contract. This was their way of saying “look, he’s available for a cut-price fee.” Nobody was fooled. He is a £1 million player at best, and everyone knows it.

English clubs didn’t want him when he was available for a tenth of that and none of them want him now.

The same applies to Tavernier. He has attracted exactly zero interest and this is in spite of his name being passed about clubs like a scud book in army barracks. Nobody will touch him and especially not at the lunatic fee Sevco is said to be asking for.

Morelos is a special case though.

He’s a special case because the club made a rod for its own back with its bullshit story about Chinese clubs and monumental transfer offers. The Celtic bloggers were wholly confident that this story was cobblers and even journalists claiming to have seen offer faxes didn’t stop us from calling the whole thing a rancid lie.

Let’s not forget, that story was busted from the moment it was put out there.

Chinese clubs have non-agent player quotas and we were able to demonstrate the club linked with him already had their full quota. A Scottish journalist who spoke to sources in the country came back and reported that it was a nonsense story before he was forced into a grovelling apology by his own bosses, after pressure from the Peepul.

But we said that no bid had been made and never would be. I said on this very blog that on the day he left the club that the fee would be vastly below the one the club allegedly rejected in the January window. They upset him enough that it was certain to be in this summer.

Last night word came out of Turkey that the club is locked in talks with over his transfer. There is no way they are offering an eight figure sum. At best they will get £4.5 million with add-ons and I’ll be very surprised if they manage that much.

It is not even half of the phantom Chinese bid and although the press will say that is because he had a bad second half of the season, as his head was turned by the nonsense, they will conveniently the ten game spell in which he failed to score in the first half of the campaign.

Morelos is one of the most over-rated players in the history of the SPL. The club had marketed him from the moment he signed as some kind of prodigy who they were going to sell for a vast profit and the Chinese bid lie was designed to advertise his availability and make it look as if the club valued him as a major saleable asset.

In typical Sevco fashion they had a bad hand and overplayed it.

When is sold for a fraction of the bid they turned down just six months ago just weeks after Celtic netted £7 million for a guy with a year left on his contract and who we won’t even miss, they are going to have to explain that to their fans.

And at a when they are asking their fans for ever more money, that’s a conversation they really cannot afford to have.

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