Date: 7th July 2018 at 5:14pm
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You know when Sevco is squirming with embarrassment.

You know when they want to change the story. Because they release statements.

They rant. They rave. They foam at the mouth. And this weekend has been a major embarrassment, what with the Takeover Panel issuing King his last orders at the bar and today with the humiliation of the Ashley case.

And although this is Saturday, on a day when most people are off work and those who are were probably watching the World Cup, Sevco has released a statement to try and move the story on. It’s an attack on the SPFL. It’s not something that was necessary, it could have waited until Monday, but the need to command the news narrative is acute.

This mob are transparent and embarrassing.

Their statement is a howling at the moon rant about Murdoch MacLelland and his “unfitness” for office at the SPFL.

They have made an unsubstantiated allegation against him that he engaged in “highly inappropriate language when speaking about Rangers while working in the newspaper industry.” This is a reference to a piece of tittle-tattle that appeared in Private Eye.

MacLelland should consider suing all the relevant parties, including Sevco.

Sevco is now calling for his resignation, which they did prior to this. The SPFL has refused to consider their ludicrous demand and MacLelland will certainly not agree to it. Their statement tonight, made to spare them the media scrutiny their ridiculous Mike Ashley reversal earned, is positively rabid, paranoid, lunatic and potentially libellous.

The SPFL has investigated their barking “claim” and found it to be wholly without foundation. Sevco is ranting because ranting is all it can do. This puerile sabre rattling has no teeth. The club is in no position to make demands.

Any journalist worth his salt would show this mob up for what they are; a disgrace to Scottish football. For them to lecture anyone on transparency is a joke. They are a bitter, arrogant, bigoted club run by maniacs and amateurs.

When they have their own house in order, maybe then we’ll take them seriously.

But this is a club that hasn’t even managed a strip launch.

They have no shame.