The SMSM Are Not As Smart As They Think They Are. Our Fans Can See What They Are Up To.

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Look, every single one of us knows that the SMSM have a major agenda against us.

We also know that any number of the hacks have their tongue’s so far up the behind of Sevco and every single part of their grubby operation that they can taste toothpaste.

There is one thing that really rankles still; all these hacks believe that they are more intelligent than every football fan who reads what they write, as if there was an in- quiz for all prospective members of the to take prior to joining.

The thing is, when you consider that their lousy output still gets you wonder if maybe they don’t have a point.

But it’s not true of everyone … and certainly not most Celtic fans and people like me.

Michael Gannon, in yesterday’s rag, started his story on how Celtic should not pay over the odds for John McGinn, just because we can; indeed, that’s what the is, and there is part of the that refers to that, and it’s all correct of course because we shouldn’t.

However the real point if the was to have a go at the Marvin Compper signing.

Now we all know this has been a failure so far. There’s no doubt about it.

But why is this suddenly news?

It’s just to have a go. There’s no other reason. It came in the same week that the media dug up our former winger Boerrigter and let him boast about how he was just trying to get a final payday. They made out that Compper is the same, talking about how he has a coaching role in Germany lined up, how he has had all of these injuries.

I dont remember any of this when Rangers signed Daniel Prodan, or more recently, when Sevco signed Niko Krancjar, who spent almost the whole of his time at Ibrox warming the bench. They talked with glee about the number of over-the-hill EPL “stars” Gerrard would sign … at no time did they suggest these people saw moving to Ibrox as a pension top up.

Yet the of Compper is almost universally negative … and it has been since the minute we signed him.

Its further proof of what side the press are on; if they cant have a go at our poor performances they will find something else.

Prepare for more of same over the coming 9 months or so until 8IAR in in sight and it starts to choke them.

Then it’ll be all about how the next Sevco boss is “going for 55.”

Campbell is fed up with the media trying to find any negative story they can.

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