Today Sevco Fans Are Howling At The Moon Over The Council Cancelling Their Fanzone.

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Sevco fans have found another reason to howl at the moon today and scream conspiracy theories at the world around them; Glasgow City Council have revoked their permission for a fanzone. The reason the council gave is simple, but apparently not simple enough.

The club wanted permission to do it on land that was owned by someone else, ground that is often used for public events.

The council spokesman said that after consideration they decided this was not a good idea.

His reasoning was sound enough; what started out a game-by-game proposal for 2000 fans would have turned into something more, something that would have grown much bigger. And the game-by-game nature of it was an open-ended agreement that the council didn’t want to enter into, especially, as their spokesperson said, with the way football matches can be rescheduled for television. That would mean many public events – and in particular kids football matches – having to be cancelled to accommodate the club.

The council also objected on the grounds of the proposal themselves; using land set aside to improve the health and wellbeing of the city being used for the promotion of “burgers and booze.”

Only a complete moron could disagree with that.

The fans are foaming over this though, and in particular because Celtic is talking about making our own fan-zone a regular thing.

And we don’t need to go through the various hoops they do because we’d be doing it on land that we already own … and that’s the difference, not that you can explain that to these complete muppets, who already see this is as further proof that the Unseen Hand is at work.

Some of the comments on their forums have already veered into the realm of open threats; the council spokesman’s surgery details have been published and fans are being “encouraged” to go down to one of them and let him know how they feel.

There’s a lot of sectarian language getting thrown about as well, as you might expect.

There is little doubt that has irked them, and because of the nature of some of the comments, including demands the club speak out, I fully expect their PR pitbulls to release one of their rambling, insane statements on this issue.

There’s already talk of people getting onto the board until it does.

This lot live on their own planet, and on that planet is it always raining because everyone else is pissing them on.

They are crazier than the proverbial shit-house rats.

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