A Shocking Day Ends A Shocking Week. What In God’s Name Has Happened Here?

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Today three points were everything.

Indeed, they were the only thing. And I thought we’d get them because really, what other choice was there? This time last week the whole club was on a high. How in God’s name has it started to unravel in the space of seven days?

Ego and arrogance and pure and simple bad management.

Those are all the traits I associate with the club across the city, but I woke up this morning to find King and Gerrard openly trolling our board and our manager in a media which is only too happy to run that story. On top of that was Boyata’s agent, mouthing in the media as message discipline collapses all around us like a house of cards.

Do not bet on us having the last laugh, that’s going to depend on what we make of the next few weeks and right now we’re an unfolding calamity.

Too much? Too harsh? Are you kidding me? The club needed unity of purpose after midweek and we needed a win today. Those who have suggested that agendas are being played out across the boards are correct; in who’s interest was it that the team was leaked on a blog five hours before kick-off? Someone did that, someone inside Parkhead.

To make matters worse, those who were relieved when an alternative team was put out on the Celtic twitter feed were shocked when the leaked team selection later replaced it … we actually tweeted the wrong team news. How the Hell does that happen?

This is just a complete mess.

And all of that was before a ball was kicked. We’ve lost our first game of the season. We go to Athens on Tuesday night in disarray, and there’s no spinning that. It is a fact. The machine has broken down. Trouble is swirling around us.

Some of it is not going to be fixed.

I now have very little hope for the club bringing in the players Brendan Rodgers wants; if we go out of the Champions League in midweek you can change “little hope” to “zero hope.” We needed a lift today and instead we got another toxic dump of negative news followed by that travesty of a result. The season has just started and there is plenty of time to recover our position, but what a dire week this has been, engulfing us like the impact of a meteor strike.

And I don’t know how some of these problems get fixed, or even if they can. This was not simply a bad day at the office, this was a bad day at the end of a calamitous week and a defeat on Tuesday and the subsequent effects of that will be disastrous.

I’m not even going to try and find a positive.

It is not there.

We have big problems at our club right now, and wishing it were not so will not make them go away.

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