Date: 5th August 2018 at 3:22pm
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Let me write what the media won’t, okay?

They will focus on Steven Gerrard still being unbeaten.

They will say he got a point today at Pittodrie with just ten men.

But what they will not write is that his early record as their manager reads thus; played 5, won 2, drawn 3.

Two of the draws came against strictly third rate European teams.

Today they drew against a strictly third rate Aberdeen one, led by a manager who’s record against them is so appalling that he has dropped points against five different Sevco bosses in two seasons plus one game.

The stuff of title contenders?

The media would have you believe so, but only the biggest mug wearing blue specs could possibly accept that.

They will get praise in some quarters for a good defensive display; Aberdeen scored with virtually their one shot on target. They were shocking today, turning in one of the most abject, cowardly, home displays I’ve ever witnessed on an opening day. Any Dons fan who defends him after that performance is kidding you on.

Morelos was sent off early, for a petulant boot at an Aberdeen player after getting a little nudge. Say what you want about whether it merited a red card – they will certainly appeal it and probably win – but he is an unlikable little creature who is fortunate to stay on the pitch most weeks, lashing out with kicks and elbows and fists whenever things don’t go his way. Sevco fans are pulled this way and that over whether to keep him; they should save themselves the torment.

No-one wants to buy a striker who is consistent only in the moaning and snarking he does.

Every time I read about the phantom “bids from China” I laugh out loud. They would be lucky to get back what they paid for him. Any CEO who had actually turned down that kind of money whilst the club was dependent on loans would have been sacked.

Today we saw the measure of two of our so-called rivals. I have been saying for years on this site that as long as McInnes is manager at Aberdeen if you’re looking for a challenge to us, look for it on the east coast. Hearts won comfortably yesterday; I am no lover of their current manager, but his team looks dangerous and we’ll have to be ready for them next weekend. Hibs are playing Motherwell right now; I suspect they’ll secure three points.

Neither of the sides we saw today is going to get near us.

This is weekend one, and both are already two points behind.

This is going to be a long season for their fans, but especially those of the delusional blue half of Glasgow, many of whom will be kidding themselves tonight that a refereeing decision cost them three points; their penalty was joke.

I could just as easily argue that another honking call got them one.