Bitter Boyd Knows The Sum Total Of Nil About What’s Happening With Our Players.

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Kris Boyd is at it again, poking his nose in where it doesn’t belong and trying to stir things up over our club’s players. This guy is never getting into Mensa, we all know that, but I am less troubled by the stupidity of what he writes than I am by the idea that he thinks we’re all just as dumb.

This week he’s been going on about splits in the Celtic camp, and pretending to have inside information from Olivier Ntcham’s agents. It’s all cobblers. Ntcham is thrilled to be at Celtic Park, and that comes through in his every public utterance.

Celtic has also slapped the “not for sale at any price” sign on his head.

So Boyd’s assertion that his agents expect him to leave before the window shuts are just foaming at the mouth garbage.

Boyd’s column is one of the most illiterate in the media, but he knows exactly how to use it to stir controversy and trouble and I suppose that’s what they pay him for, but our fans would be mugs to pay a blind bit of notice to it.

How do you think it is that someone with such low IQ has insight into goings on at Celtic Park? What do you think his contact book is like vis-à-vis our club? Do you think people tell him anything, knowing that it goes right into his gossip column?

Boyd, like other footballers with their own columns, likes to pretend he knows more than he does, and if it just so happens that he can take a shot at Celtic at the same time he’s not going to pass it up. For the second time in a fortnight he’s spouted garbage based on “sources” that we know full well he hasn’t got.

For the second time in a fortnight, he’s lying through his teeth or he’s taking rumour and innuendo and trying to pass it off as fact, which amounts to the same thing.

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