Date: 23rd August 2018 at 11:17am
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Yesterday, Brendan Rodgers told the media that Celtic will be making no further bids for Scott McKenna of Aberdeen. He didn’t say “never”, but he stipulated that as the Pittodrie club won’t sell him in this window that’s it.

There will be no further delays.

There will be no wishful thinking.

There will be no steady creep towards a price they accept.

We took our shot, we got our answer, we move forward.

This is how it should have been done with McGinn. Once we hit our offer ceiling – and we should have hit it faster than we did, and then he’d probably have been at Celtic Park – we would have been able to move on from it and towards the next target.

This is better. Have we learned something from the shambles with McGinn? It looks very much like it, as if we’ve taken it on board. Brendan knows there’s no more time to waste. That encourages me. That gives me hope that we’ll close some business soon.

I listened today to Lawwell’s excellent interview with Harry Brady over at The Celtic Underground, from the end of last season, and I was amused to hear that the club works its way down target lists … amazing that we’ve not yet gotten our McGinn alternate, isn’t it? But this time I trust that there is a list and that it is being perused and clubs contacted.

I also trust that our Plan B isn’t playing in the SPL.

McKenna would have been a troubling signing in some ways. It troubles me that we’re now moving down a list on which he was near the top. But at least we are no longer delaying. At least we are not meandering along. Boyata’s attitude continues to stink, he is clearly not going to offer us anything, even the public, grovelling apology we deserve.

Time we moved past this whole mess.

Sign some players, Celtic, starting with his replacement.