Date: 5th August 2018 at 4:36pm
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As I said in my last article, five games and two wins.

That’s the record for Gerrard, and before the season even gets properly underway, and before his feet are even properly under the table he has started with the paranoia and the pandering. This always happens to a Sevco boss the second they feel under the gun.

That this clown feels the need to indulge in this so early shows exactly what he’s all about.

The cracks are already starting to show.

Gerrard’s comments, in the after-match radio interviews, were disgraceful. Aside from the contempt he showed to Aberdeen – they actually deserved his disdain, they were shocking – he decided to stir the pot by talking about how decisions have been going against the club for years. Years?

Has he been following them that long? The guy is five minutes in the door.

People who’ve been studying this guy longer than me claim that he’s absolutely thick, so much so that if you shook him you’d hear brain cells rattling like a pea in a tin cup. But even he has figured out that in order to push pressure off himself all he has to do is appeal to the sense of malice and grievance and victimhood coursing through the fan-base.

I won’t labour the point except to say that in a week where they’ve stabbed two rival Croatian fans and then sought to blame everyone else it is grossly irresponsible for Gerrard to be playing that particular card. Shame on him for doing so.

But this is what always happens over there.

He has already proved himself to be a classless yokel with his other comments today, but to have stated in only his first SPL after-match interview that there’s some kind of anti-Sevco conspiracy in Scottish football is not only crass but outright dangerous.

He has already brought the game into disrepute.

Let’s see if someone – anyone – at the SFA has the balls to cite him for it.