It Is Important How Celtic Moves Forward From Here, But We Are Still Number One.

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So no one can now be in any doubt who is responsible for the debacle of the last week,

And it wasn’t Brendan.

Peter Lawell has answers and apologies to make. These should be made in private and kept there. Public apologies won’t help.

There are signs that this has all been sorted out.


What will help in public is action. And it should be swift and clear, the statement being: “Yes we allowed this to happen, but this is how a professionally well run club deals with it.’

Lawwell deserves the opportunity to put it right – but put it right he must, if he feels he cannot, for any reason, then Dermot Desmond needs to make a choice, as do we.

And there will be, can only be, one winner.

Peter needs to stick to doing what a CEO should do, not let his ego get in the way and think he knows more about the actual game than the manager, which seems to be what has happened. Phil’s article over the weekend seemed to be backing that up.

Organisations always have conflict between stakeholders, what defines the organisation is how it is managed and how it affects the business going forward.

What we have to contend with in this country is the hatred of those non stakeholders who are using this, with unbridled joy and glee, as a stick to beat us with.

Piece after piece in the SMSM are about how bad this is for us and how this will affect us so much that we may lose the title.

This from a press corps who refuse to discuss any negatives about our rivals and will not see them for the mess they are in.

And this includes the fans of other clubs, mired in their own salivation at this, about how this is a club on the way down, this is the end, and none of them with the common sense or memory of a goldfish. Conflict must happen from time to time in all successful organisations, because it irons out rough spots and identifies those within the organisation who are not up to certain roles. Things like this save an organisation from going into a rut.

What others need to realise is this; “We are still number one. We are still Celtic.”

David Campbell is a Celtic blogger from Glasgow, who wants to remind our critics that we’re still stronger than they are.

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